CEM India 2019

CEM India - Abstracts List

Total No.of abstracts : 68

ID Abstract Title Presenter Company Session Choice Presentation
25The importance of a sample gas conditioning systemMr Marcel HengstM&C Techgroup GermanyContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
28Automated Hyperspectral Imaging from Afar: Identifying Gas Leaks Early and at the SourceMrs Allison Lami-SawyerRebellion PhotonicsContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
29SNCR and NH3 measurements in the cement industryMr Abhijit ChatterjeeAdage Automation Private LimitedContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
30Effect of sample line length on NO2 and NO emissionsDr Bhupendra KhandelwalThe University of SheffieldMonitoring Techniques: Combustion gasesOral
31Effect of sample line length on NO2 and NO emissionsDr Bhupendra KhandelwalThe University of SheffieldContinuous Emission MonitoringPoster
34Effect of Vehicle Age and Mileage on CO and HC Emissions from Tailpipe Exhaust Mr Abhinav PandeyEDRC - L&T Construction; Delhi Technological UniversityIndian RegulationsOral
35Mercury Monitoring by Sorbent Trap Monitoring Systems – A cost efficient alternative to Hg-CEMs, even in the range of 1 µg/Nm3Mr Juergen ReinmannEnvironnement S.A DeutschlandMonitoring Techniques: Trace speciesOral
39Mistakes and Problems in Gas Sampling and ConditioningMr Jorg ErensAGT-PSG GmbH & Co. KGContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
40PM Monitoring is a Whole New WorldMr Robert BaxterB3 Systems, Inc.Monitoring Techniques: ParticulateOral
41Industry case study: CEM at the Prague city municipal waste incineratorDr Roberto ParolaThe Linde GroupIndustry Case StudiesOral
42How to make Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems more affordableMr Christoph BeckerABB Automation GmbHContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
44Determination of TOC in stack through innovative FID analyser easy to carryDr Carlo BrunoPollution srlOtherOral
46Directorate General of Mines Safety(DGMS) approved Methane and Carbon Monoxide gas Detector(Meth-CO Meter)Mr Bhogesh KumarM.P EnterprisesMonitoring Techniques: Combustion gasesPoster
47Mercury measurement for increasingly stringent emissions controlsMr Michael HayesThe Linde GroupMonitoring Techniques: Trace speciesOral
48Modern approach towards cold extractive CEM systems under rapidly changing emission regulatory requirements in developing nationsMr Craig SunadaPerma Pure LLCContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
49Particulate Emission improvement with Advanced Power Supplies and Controller Mr Anil SutarKraftpowercon India Pvt. Ltd. OtherOral
51Experimental study on liquid fuel fired flameless combustorMr Saurabh SharmaIIT BombayMonitoring Techniques: Combustion gasesOral
52The Benefits of Multi-Laser Analyzers in Continuous Emissions MonitoringMr Timothy HoEmerson Automation SolutionsContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
53PM CEMS selection for the Indian 17 Industries Program and BeyondMr Steven WerrellPCME LtdMonitoring Techniques: ParticulateOral
54Calibration options for gas detection systems Dr Krishna NarainADVANCED CALIBRATION DESIGNSCalibration and Quality ControlOral
55CEMS at Iron & Steel Plant _ Case Study @ Tata Steel, JamshedpurMr Shubhanand MukeshTata SteelIndustry Case StudiesOral
56Universal tool for mercury determination in combustion plantsDr Nikolay MashyanovLumex MarketingMonitoring Techniques: Trace speciesOral
58Impact of CEMS concept on Indian industries; Effective Data Management and Uses.Ms Prasputita NandaRajasthan State Pollution Control BoardData ManagementOral
60Applications Of Infrared Thermography for Visualization of Harmful gases for EnvironmentMr T P SinghFLIR Systems India Pvt. Ltd.OtherOral
65NOx & NH3 Monitoring in SCR systems - on-line, fast and reliableMrs Deborah PadwaterSICK AGMonitoring Techniques: Combustion gasesOral
66Where does that smell originate? Continuous odour monitoring or using windMr Anton van HarreveldOdournetOtherOral
67the Hot Trends for online CEMS in IndiaMr Abhijit ChatterjeeSiemens (Adage) IndiaContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
68Continuous Mercury Emission MonitoringMr Sankar KannanSICK INDIA PVT. LTD.Monitoring Techniques: Trace speciesPoster
69Continuous Mercury Emission MonitoringMr Sankar KannanSICK INDIA PVT. LTD.Monitoring Techniques: Trace speciesOral
71Continuous Dust Emission Monitoring with Optical Measurement TechnologiesMrs Sarah LuehmannDURAG GmbHContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
72A statistical market analysis of the implementation of Hg CEMS technology in the United Sates under the MATS ruleMr Mick ZulpoApex InstrumentsContinuous Emission MonitoringPoster
73An overview of PM monitoring technology and the importance of accurate calibration using isokinetic sampling equipmentMr Mick ZulpoApex InstrumentsMonitoring Techniques: ParticulateOral
74The D-Fenceline measurement system - advanced remote sensing solution accomodating industrial monitoring challengesMr Gilad ShpitzerAtmosfirContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
75The D-Fenceline measurement system - advanced remote sensing solution accomodating industrial monitoring challengesMr Gilad GliksmanAtmosfir opticsContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
77Continuous Mercury Emission MonitoringMrs Sarah LuehmannDURAG GmbHContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
79Why should we need to monitor Emission of a Cement Plant? Mr Ashis Kumar ChakrabortyAkecee AssociatesContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
80Certification of Portable Automated Measuring Systems – The new Standard EN 15267 Part 4Mr Karsten PletscherTÜV Rheinland Energy GmbHMonitoring GuidelinesOral
93Analyzing and Leveraging Pollution DataDr Arvind TilakAscent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd.Data ManagementOral
94Quality Assurance of CEMS – The EU and US approachMr william averdieckSource Testing Association (STA)Continuous Emission MonitoringOral
102Improving the measurement of stack emissions – an update on research and standardisation activities in EuropeMr Rod RobinsonNational Physical LaboratoryCalibration and Quality ControlOral
111Lessons learnt in leveraging Advanced Software Techniques for understanding Data Quality and Data Management of CEMS data for Effective Pollution ControlMr Sudheesh NarayananKnowledge Lens Pvt. LtdData ManagementOral
123Issues and Challenges in DAHS for CEMSMr CHIRAG BHIMANIPersonalData ManagementOral
128Performance Upgradation of existing & Added-on Air Pollution Control Systems can meet increasingly stringent emission norms & also improve overall system efficiency - a Situation Analysis of 3 industry cases in IndiaMr Mohan PatilFICCIContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
130Data quality of Dust Monitoring CEMS - a Case Study in India Mr ABHIJIT PATHAKCENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARDIndustry Case StudiesOral
136TBAMr Pankaj RaiChemtrols IndustriesOral
140The Operation of Continuous Emission Monitoring in the Europe and the United KingdomMr Alan LeonardRicardoContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
142Monitoring Strategies & Solutions for Flue Gas PollutantsMr Roland ZepeckJCT Analysentechnik GmbHContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
143Successful Gas Sampling and Conditioning Systems for CEMSMr Philipp ZimmelJCT Analysentechnik GmbHContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
150Future of Continuous Emissions Monitoring and Expected ResultsMr CHIRAG BHIMANIPERSONALOtherOral
158Electrochemical Studies on the Corrosion Behaviour of Steel in some Aqueous MediaMr Mohamed Gamal Abd Elsadek General petroleum company Industry Case StudiesPoster
165Simulating Cap-and-trade for Particulate Matter using an Agent-Based ModelMs Rashmi KrishnanJ-PAL South Asia at IFMRIndian RegulationsOral
169Lowering Particulate Matter Emissions Through Improved InformationMr Udit GuptaJ-PAL South Asia at IFMRMonitoring Techniques: ParticulateOral
193Testing equivalency of alternative methods for monitoring of so2 emissionsMs Tuula PellikkaVTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandCalibration and Quality ControlOral
195Gas CEMS in Indian regulatory framework: Guidelines for Technologies & Selection CriteriaMr Jerome LaplagneEnvironnement S.A. - FranceContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
198Emission monitoring using Doas technologyMr Adish KapurNevco EngineersContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
205Air Pollution in Gwalior city and its Effects on Human Population: A Questionnaire SurveyMr Banwari DandotiyaJiwaji University Gwalior IndiaOtherPoster
212An Overview of Global Initiatives for Mercury Emissions Control and MonitoringMr Karl WilberTekran Instruments CorporationContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
216Opacity Monitoring at Very Low LevelsMr Derek StuartAMETEK LandMonitoring Techniques: ParticulateOral
217Regulatory regime for Real Time Pollution Monitoring in India: an assessmentMr Sanjeev K KanchanCentre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, IndiaIndian RegulationsOral
218CEMS, installation, calibration, functional test and ongoing quality controlMr Bernhard ThullTÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, Business Area Environmental EngineeringContinuous Emission MonitoringOral
220Metals Every Where- Good or BadMr Patrick NgilaBOC KENYAMonitoring Techniques: Trace speciesOral
221Phytoremediation by paddy crops of heavy metals of ternary waste and amended soilDr Neeraj KumarSSMV PG COLLEGE SHIKARPUR, Buland shahar,UPMonitoring Techniques: Trace speciesOral
250Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Continuous Mesurement of Reactive Gases like HCL and NH3 for Regulatory ComplianceDr Edul ChikhliwalaEcoChem Analytics and MesstechnikContinuous Emission MonitoringPoster
277CEM - Innovation excelllence continueMr PRITESH M SHAHPRIMA EQUIPMENTContinuous Emission MonitoringPoster
279Dust plume dispersion studies using doppler lidar and numerical modelling - a case study at port hedlandMr Vaibhav Mohalecurtin university , Perth AustraliaMonitoring Techniques: ParticulatePoster
280Hot Trends in Online CEMS in IndiaMr Abhijit ChatterjeeAdage Automation Pvt LimitedContinuous Emission MonitoringPoster
296Aerosols Characterization during the Holi festival in Dehradun: Foothills of the Himalayas, IndiaMr vignesh prabhuDoon universityMonitoring Techniques: ParticulateOral
330DUST PLUME DISPERSION STUDIES USING DOPPLER LIDAR AND NUMERICAL MODELLING - A CASE STUDY AT PORT HEDLANDMr Vaibhav Mohalecurtin university , Perth AustraliaMonitoring Techniques: ParticulatePoster