CEM India CEM India

  • Delegate Bag Sponsorship
  • Visitor/Delegate Badges - £795
    All visitors are required to wear a name badge, this is an excellent opportunity for your company to brand and promote its name and it is great branding opportunity.
  • Visitor/Delegate Registration Page - £1,795
    Over 96% of visitors & delegates register online, you will be the sole sponsor with a banner advertisement on the registration page to ensure maximum visibility.
  • Website & Newsletter Sponsor - £200 - £495
    In the run upto the event we will be sending weekly newsletters. We have multiple opportunities including PR slots and banner adverts
  • Pads and Pens - £695
    All of the conference delegates will be given your pads and pens, be the sole sponsor of this opportunity and get your company noticed.
  • Refreshments/Lunches - £1,750 Per Day
    With refreshments and lunches provided across the three days, your company name will be branded around the lunch and refreshment areas.
  • Lanyard Sponsorship - £1,750 (Sponsor to provide Lanyards)
  • Literature on the Conference registration table - £295
  • Event Catalogue
    Advertise in the event catalogue. This catalogue will be used on a daily basis at the event kept and referenced after the event.

    Enhance Listing: £195
    A4 Page Advert: £750
    A4 1/2 Page Advert: £595
    A4 1/4 Page Advert: £425