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Conference topics are :

  • Pollution monitoring regulations and practices
  • Manual stack monitoring, technological innovations and experiences
  • Guidelines for continuous emission, water and effluent quality monitoring
  • Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Combustion gases including NOx, SO2, CO and CO2
  • Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Particulate
  • Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Trace species for metals, mercury and dioxins
  • Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Water and effluent quality parameters
  • Quality assurance regulations and practices for continuous emission and effluent quality monitoring system
  • Calibration and operation and maintenance of continuous emission, water and effluent quality monitors
  • Real-time data collection, handling, interpretation and utilisation
  • Industry case studies on pollution monitoring

Principal research scientist at National Physical Laboratory, technical lead for emission and carbon measurement scientific area. Long history of working in standardisation, Former Chairman and Quality officer of STA, involved in developing uk methods eg instrumental SO2,  Vice Chair of CEN air quality technical committee, Chairman of UK mirror BSI group, EH 2/1, and convenor of CEN flow and data quality (EN14181) working groups.

Rod Robinson

Sanjeev K. Kanchan is a known environmental expert and consultant who has contributed in the development of various regulatory tools including Critically Polluted Areas, real time pollution monitoring systems, and new pollution norms for industrial sectors in India. In his areas of expertise including- resource efficiency, pollution monitoring and control technology, best practices and technology, life cycle assessment, policies, regulations and compliance etc., Sanjeev has closely worked with various government institutions, industries, leading think tanks, research institutions and civil societies in India and overseas and trained hundreds of representatives.

Currently, he is an Adviser to the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW, India) and associated with International Centre to Sustainable Carbon (ICSC, UK), UNEP’s Global Mercury Partnership and International Centre for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development (iCED, Govt. of India). Previously, he has managed senior level roles in CEM technology supplier company, data service provider and environmental testing company besides over a decade into environmental research and advocacy organization. In the past, he has also been a member of the PM-ETS Market Oversight Committee (Govt. of Gujarat) and the Management Systems Certification Scheme Committee of BIS, India.

He has published a number of books and research reports on resource efficiency and performance benchmarking of major industrial sectors. On CEMS, his books- “CEMS- A Technical Guidance Manual”, “CEMS and CEQMS implementation in India: Inspection Manual” and “Status of implementation of Continuous Emission Monitoring System in Coal-fired Thermal Power Plants in India” etc. are well known. Sanjeev also writes research articles and blogs for various science magazines, research journals and print and online media platforms for advocacy.

Sanjeev K Kanchan

Roland Zepeck, by profession a chemical engineer for process chemistry, has been active during his professional career in multiple assignments for various companies around the world in both Environmental Monitoring as well as Combustion Technology (mainly Thermal Power Generation). For Environmental Monitoring the assignments included R&D for various environmental analyzers (Dust/PM, Total Mercury, Hydrocarbons, SOX, NOx, CO, O3, O2), systems design for air quality monitoring stations and networks, systems design for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), and design of Emission Monitoring Sampling Systems (both dilution based as well as direct sampling based). He is active in the Indian environmental market since 1986.

Currently he operates his own consulting firm IBD-International Business Development, strategically supporting companies in their international expansion. He is a long-term member of VDI (Association of German Engineers), is associated with the International Centre for Sustainable Carbon (ICSC, UK), and also serves as member of the Advisory Board to the Powerplant Technology Conference of University Dresden, Germany. He has published a large number of papers on environmental monitoring on combustion technology issues and is an experienced speaker on international conferences and workshops.

Roland Zepeck

Mr J.S.Kamyotra is an Environment Expert and an alumni of Delhi College Of Engineering. He has been the Member Secretary of Central Pollution Control Board, the country’s premier environment decision making body, for 5 years.

Mr. Kamyotra has over 40 years experience working in policy formulation, development of environmental standards, establishment of real time monitoring networks in the areas of air quality, water and noise pollution. He has also been responsible for indigenous development of mobile air quality monitoring van.

Mr. Kamyotra has been a member of various National Policy Planning Committees and various environmental committees constituted by the Honorable Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal. He has a number of publications to his credit He has been the country’s representative in various international conferences and committees focusing on sustainable development in developing countries particulary ASEAN and the SAARC region. He is a member of APCAP, the OECD Committee on Standards Development and Facilitator for Male Declaration. He has travelled widely both in India and abroad, coordinating various European and Canadian bilateral programmes and projects to assess the mitigative technologies available that can be successfully imbibed in developing countries, such as India.

Member Expert Appraisal Committee for Industry II Sector Constituted by MoEF&CC and Member State Level Environment Expert Assessment Authority, Chandigarh Constituted under provision of Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 2006 as amended.Technical Expert (Air Pollution & Administrative Matters) Punjab Pollution Control Board and other Organisations .

J S Kamyotra

Masters in Chemistry, Doctorate in Environment Project Management and Industrial Hygienist from BOSH UK. Having 27 years of Experience in Environmental Projects, Monitoring and Management with different organizations like National Productivity Council (Govt of India), SGS India Pvt Ltd, CVR Labs (AB Houston Group), SMS, Knowledge Lens and presently with Amara Raja Group of companies. Undergone training by German Experts (GTZ) and Indian Experts on environmental projects, monitoring, dispersion modelling, performance efficiency studies of APCD, ETP etc. Project Head for different environmental projects to CPCB, APCB, GPCB, MPCB, TNPCB and CEA (Srilanka), ATTEST (Saudi Arabia). Experienced in CEMS and CEQMS Performance Calibration as per EN14181 and Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA). Experienced in design of ETP, ETP-ZLD and STP system and conduct Adequacy and Efficacy study of ETP – ZLD & STP systems. Various Training programmes are conducted in the topic of “Air Pollution, Effluent Treatment Plant, Air Pollution Control Equipments, Industrial Hygiene with Risk Assessment, “Hazardous Waste, Coprocessing in Cement Plants, Indoor Air Quality etc., India, Srilanka, Bangkok, Saudi Arabia.

Suresh Kumar

Dr. Vidyanand M. Motghare, received Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Nagpur University in 2016. He works with Maharashtra Pollution Control Board as Joint Director and having experience of 29 years in the Environment field.
He also worked for 4 years in Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (Govt. of Maharashtra undertaking) looking after sewage collection and treatment schemes, water supply projects. Academic qualifications:

  • B. E. (Civil)
  • M. Tech. (Environmental Engineering)
  • P.G. D. B. M.
  • M. B. A. (Business Administration & Marketing)
  • Ph. D. (Environmental Engineering)
His Key working areas are:
  1. National Clean Air Program
  2. Advance Affordable Environmental technologies for Indian conditions
  3. Improvement in prevention of pollution with clean technologies
  4. Pollution control with material recovery and reduction of raw material consumption
  5. e-governance for efficient management
  6. E-Vehicles, Commuter Choice Programme
He has had 16Technical Papers published, presented at over 150 seminars and conferences and has gain overseas work in USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, Europe, Australia and New Zealand

Vidyanand M. Motghare

Lesley is an expert on mercury, emissions and effects, ash management, mine reclamation, legislation and control and has written numerous studies on these topics. Lesley has worked for the International Centre for Sustainable Carbon for over 33 years, producing reports and guidance materials to promote clean energy, especially in emerging economies. She currently leads a $2million US State Department project with the aim training on emissions monitoring and control and of reducing mercury from the coal sectors in India and Indonesia.

She is very active in the outreach work of the ICSC and runs the Workshop series on Mercury and Multi-pollutant emissions from coal. She acts as Lead on the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Coal Partnership Area providing guidance to the delegations on the implementation of the new Minamata Convention on Mercury.

Lesley acts as an expert on BSI/CEN and ISO Standards working groups. She also works through the ICSC along with UNEP, GMOS, US EPA, US DOE, CEP, EXPPERTS.

Lesley Sloss

Environment Professional having more than 35 years experience in Laboratory analysis, Laboratory Management, Method Validation, New Method Development, human resource development through technical Training on various environmental field, instrumentation and air quality management. Presently employed in Central Pollution Control Board, the apex regulatory authority in India as Senior Scientist (Scientist ‘D’).

Gathered Experience in Environmental Impact Assessment, Industrial pollution control, monitoring and compliance. Having experience in providing Technical support / guidance to Lab Technicians/ Researchers on environment related projects, residue analysis of Water, Waste, Soil, Noise, Air and Emissions.

Vastly experienced to work in various ecological fields as mangrove, coastal & offshore, rivers lakes etc. Present work profile includes air quality research and management, health risk and exposure studies, Regulatory compliance monitoring through OCEMS (Online Continuous Emission & Effluent Monitoring Systems).Author of various air quality monitoring protocols including guidelines on OCEMS for India.
Member of following Technical Committees as expert member:

  1. CSIR-NPL – Indian Certification Project for air quality monitoring instruments and equipment.
  2. Committee for assessment of Source Apportionment studies under NCAP.
  3. Project board member in bilateral projects between CPCB (India) – VTT (Finland), for development of resources in the field of emission, fugitive and odour monitoring.
  4. Member in BIS committee on pyro-technique including fireworks
  5. Member of scientific and technical project assessment and evaluation committee in CPCB
  6. Member of technical committee on OCEMS implementation in India
  7. Responsible for Indian Air Quality Monitoring Network planning operation and data handling
Having authorship in 15 Research reports and documents of apex regulatory authority, CPCB, India, and 20 research papers published. 7 papers presented in international conferences.

Abhijit Pathak

Mr. Anoop Srivastava is an Environment and Sustainability Expert and an alumni of XLRI, Jamshedpur and Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur. He has been working in Tata Steel Limited, the country’s premier Integrated Iron and Steel Manufacturing Company, for last 12 years. He is a lead Sustainability assessor, a lead auditor for Management systems of ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.

Mr. Srivastava has over 18 years of working experience in various fields of Environment Management including Central Pollution Control Board and industrial green field, brown field projects of Aluminium, Power and integrated Iron and Steel Sectors in different capacities.

He has expertise of environment management through the implementation of environmental policies, guidelines under the applicable acts, rules, regulations and supporting senior management in developing future environmental strategies taking into account, changing business environment and stakeholder needs, implementation of environmental management through the development of EMS: ISO-14001, ensuring environmental regulatory compliance, facilitate senior management in advocacy, communication of the environmental policy and strategies across the organization for its uniform understanding; implementation, addressing stakeholder concerns regarding sustainability issues and statutory environmental permissions.

Mr. Srivastava has been a member of Indian Steel Association and also Air Quality Expert group constituted by World Steel Association. He has travelled widely both in India and abroad to visit projects and operations to identify and assess the Best Available Technologies and its implementation.

Anoop Srivastava