CEM India 2019

CEM India 2019 - Floorplan

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Exhibitor Logo Stand No
Aaxis Nano Technologies12
Adage Automation15 & 22
Analyser Instrument Co. Pvt. Ltd.34
Apex Instruments62
AQI India65
Asian Environmental Technology (Represented) Partner
Axis Solutions Pvt. Ltd.14
B3 Systems59
Centre for Science and Environment66
Chemtron Science Laboratories44
Coastal Environmental Systems (Represented) 56
Cooper Environmental64
Durag India35 & 36
EM-Technik India Pvt. Ltd.51
Enerac (Represented) 56
ENVEA27 & 28
Environnement India (Represented) 27 & 28
Envirozone Instruments & Equipments5
Everise Technology40
Fives Pillard34
Forbes Marshall47 & 48
Fresenius (Represented) 56
Gasmet Technologies (Asia) Ltd.57
Honeywell (Represented) 56
Horiba India42 & 43
Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument61
Hydronet (Represented) 56
International Environmental TechnologyPartner
JCT Analysentechnik GbmH10
Kanomax (Represented) 56
KNESTEL Technologie & Elektronik41
KNF Pumps + Systems (India)6
Knowledge Lens20
La Motte (Represented) 56
Lab Systems and Biotech India 26
Leman Instruments38
LKS (M) Sdn Bhd18
LogicLadder Technologies Private Limited13
M&C TechGroup India LLP7
Madur (Represented) 56
Markes International55
Mercury Instruments (Represented) 27 & 28
Met one (Represented) 56
Minipore Micro Products60
MIP Oy (Represented) 56
MRU GmbH Germany (Represented) 63
Nevco Engineers17
Ohio Lumex USA (Represented) 12
Opsis (Represented) 17
Perma Pure23
Petro Industry News (Represented) Partner
Prima Equipment19
Protea Ltd39
Shimadzu (Represented) 56
SICK India24 & 25
Siemens AG (Represented) 15 & 22
SKC (Represented) 56
Steam Equipments49
SW Technology50
Swan Environmental56
Techmark Engineers & Consultants63
Techwin International11
Tesscorn Systems India64
Testo India2
Tethys Instruments37
Thermo Fisher Scientific India8
Toshniwal Industries54
TRACE-GAS (Represented) 41
TSI (Represented) 56
Turnkey Instruments Ltd31, 32 & 33
Uniphos Envirotronic46
Unisearch India1
Vasthi Instruments9
Xi'an Dingyan Technology Co., Ltd.21

CEM India 2019 Floorplan Turnkey Instruments Ltd LKS (M) Sdn Bhd Fives Pillard & AIC India Spantech Products Ltd M&C Products Analysentechnik AMETEK Land JCT Analysentechnik Techmark Engineers & Consultants Apex Instruments Gasmet Technologies (Asia) B3 Systems AGT-PSG & Techwin International ENVEA Horiba India Adage Automation Perma Pure Minipore Micro Products Axis Solutions Uniphos Envirotronic Prima Equipment Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Durag India Vasthi Instruments Aaxis Nano Technologies Thermo Fisher Scientific India SICK India Leman Instruments Protea Knowledge Lens Swan Environmental FPI-India LogicLadder Technologies Nevco Engineers Chromatotec KNF Pumps + Systems (India) EM-Technik India Xi'an Dingyan Technology SW Technology KNESTEL Technologie & Elektronik Unisearch India Tethys Instruments Markes International Cooper Environmental & Tesscorn Systems India Toshniwal Industries Everise Technology Envirozone Instruments & Equipments Forbes Marshall PROTEGO India Chemtron Science Laboratories CATS ECOSYSTEMS Testo India Steam Equipments Centre for Science and Environment AQI India Lab Systems and Biotech India