SinS 2023 - Conference Programme

The current draft agenda is a work in progress and subject to changes. We will publish a complete conference timetable shortly. Thank you for bearing with us.

Conference Programme Day 1 - Tuesday 4th July

10:00 SinS 2023 Registration and Exhibition
  Lower Hall
11:00 Conference Opening Ceremony
11:10 Francisco Pena-Pereira
Plenary session: Sustainability
Dr Francisco Pena-Pereira, Associate Professor at Department of Analytical and Food Chemistry, University of Vigo
12:00 Building a global culture of sustainability in science Dr Pernilla Sorme, My Green Lab
12:20 Flash Posters Presentations
12:50 Avantor Vendor Lunch Seminar
Method Development Strategies using Selectivity as a tool - Dr Helen M Poole
  Lower Hall Ferrier Hall Syndicate Room D
  Presentation Speaker Presentation Speaker Presentation Speaker
  ENVIRONMENT (Chair: Graham Mills) FOOD (Chair: Alan Cross) Tutorial with open discussion: Next Generation Medicines and genome sequencing Nigel Williams
14:00 Keynote: Using multi-modal passive samplers for the estimation of risk and bioaccumulation in Gammarus pulex
Sponsored by Water Research Forum
Alexandra Richardson
Ms Alexandra Richardson, Imperial College London
Keynote: Artificial Intelligence as a booster for food metabolomic workflows based on comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography
Sponsored by Food Group
 Chiara Cordero
Prof Chiara Cordero, University of Turin
14:30 A fully automated system for Simultaneous, High Sensitivity Detection of PAHs, PCBs and Multi-Residue Pesticides in Waste Water using Headspace SPME Arrow and APGC-MS/MS Janitha De Alwis
Mr Janitha De Alwis, Waters Corporation
The use of vacuum assisted headspace solid phase microextraction for analysis of volatiles in Food Kathy Ridgway
Dr Kathy Ridgway, Element Laboratory Solutions
14:50 Combination of passive sampling and targeted analysis using LC/MS to assess the occurrence and distribution of polar organic chemicals in two chalk streams in Hampshire Rosamund Robinson
Ms Rosamund Robinson,University of Portsmouth
A case study on novel methodology for the detection of acrylamide in food, beverages and water at the point-of-need Mr Tom Sutton, Microsaic Systems
15:10 From suspect screening to toxicity and exposure assessment of novel acidic contaminants in drinking water David Ciccarelli
Mr David Ciccarelli, Imperial College London
Characterisation of Vanilla Extract Odour by Chemical and Sensory Analyses Lewis Jones
Mr Lewis Jones, Sensient Flavors & Extracts
15:30 Coffee Break & Exhibition
16:00 ONE HEALTH (Chair: Lisa Hinchliffe) Latest Challenges in molecular characterisation(Chair: Dr Jackie Mosely, University of York) Tutorial with open discussion: Automation
Utilising Automated Sample Preparation for Analytical Analysis
Jonathan Dunscombe
Mr Jonathan Dunscombe, Element Laboratory Solutions
16:00 Keynote: Robust in vitro characterisation is imperative for successful in vivo nanomedicines
Sponsored by JPAG
Kadie Edwards
Ms Kadie Edwards, University of Swansea
Keynote: Molecular diversity vs chemical diversity: Combination of chemoselective derivatisations, chromatography, and mass spectrometry to reveal functional groups in complex mixtures.
Sponsored by BMSS
Dr Diana Palacio-Lozano
16:30 An analytical and epigenetic investigation of the environmental and human health impacts of per- and polyfluoroalkyl ‘Forever chemicals’ Denise De Meijer
Ms Denise De Meijer, Swansea University Medical School
Ion Mobility Separation Mass Spectrometry for simplifying complex MS/MS spectra to aid chemical characterisation Caitlin Chapman
Ms Caitlin Chapman, National Horizon Centre, Teesside University
16:50 Advancing Sport and Nutritional Science Research: Integrating LCMS-8045 and Nexera X2 Systems at the Carnegie School of Sport of Leeds Beckett University Theocharis Ispoglou
Dr Theocharis Ispoglou, Leeds Beckett University
Characterising biosurfactants produced by Bacillus humi using LC MS/MS Jackie Mosely
Dr Jackie Mosely, University of York
17:10 Our Journey Towards a Digitalised & Automated Workflow for Plate Purification Johanna Kollback
Mrs Johanna Kollback, AstraZeneca
Real-world tyre wear emissions, and different chemical compositions of European and US tyres Nick Molden
Mr Nick Molden, Emissions Analytics
17:30 Melissa Hanna-Brown
Forum: CAMS Chromatography State of the Nation Update
Prof Melissa Hanna-Brown, CAMS
17:50 Mixer & Exhibition
  Informal Mixer at Tiny Rebel from 19:30

Conference Programme Day 2 - Wednesday 5th July

08:55 SinS 2023 Announcements
  Lower Hall
09:00 Plenary session: Sustainability
Going green in separation science – focussing on the ‘how?’
Paul Ferguson
Dr Paul Ferguson, Principal Scientist - Separation Science at AstraZeneca
09:45 Coffee Break & Exhibition
  Lower Hall Ferrier Hall Syndicate Room D
  Presentation Speaker Presentation Speaker Presentation Speaker
10:30 CLINICAL & FORENSIC CONTAMINANTS (Chair: Dr Kathy Ridgway, Element Laboratory Solutions) Tutorial with open discussion: Green Techniques and Emerging modalities
Gas Chromatography-Vacuum Ultraviolet spectroscopy (GC-VUV): a sustainable alternative measurement technology for volatile species
Ruth Godfrey
Dr Ruth Godfrey, Swansea University Medical School
10:30 Keynote: Developing high-throughput solutions in clinical and forensic analysis with the ever-present need for separation Dr Lewis Couchman, Analytical Services International Ltd Keynote Dr Cathy Frankis, Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL)
11:00 Pushing the boundaries of automation in bioanalytical science - how far can we go? Camila Liscio
Dr Camila Liscio, Element Laboratory Solutions
Development of novel ICP-MS-CRIS instrumentation hyphenating inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with collinear resonance ionisation spectroscopy Giles Edwards
Dr Giles Edwards, The University of Manchester
11:20 Antimicrobials in vegetable samples: d-SPE as an efficient clean up step to get accurate results at trace concentration levels Irantzu Vergara-Luis
Ms Irantzu Vergara-Luis, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
Comparing HPLC-MS and SFC-MS for PFAS analysis – an ionization efficiency-based effect study Ardiana Kajtazi
Ms Ardiana Kajtazi, Ghent University
11:40 Understanding the importance of sample preparation for the analysis of biological samples Tony Edge
Prof Tony Edge, Avantor
Establishing workflows to Simplify Data processing for two-dimensional Gas Chromatography Data Paul O'Nion
Mr Paul O'Nion, RSSL
Lower Hall : Vendor Presentation
Title : Exogenous Microbial Metabolite Imaging via MALDI 8030 benchtop mass spectrometer (Sidrah Rahman, University of Nottingham)

Exhibition, Posters and Lunch
14:00 CLINICAL & FORENSIC (Chair: Dr Lewis Couchman) Hyphenated Techniques and Emerging Modalities
Ruth Godfrey
Chair: Dr Ruth Godfrey, Swansea University Medical School
Tutorial with open discussion: OneHealth, Next gen medicines, particle measurement Dr Lewis Francis, Swansea University Medical School
14:00 Keynote: Operation Moonshot: Blood, sweat, swabs and tears Rachel Carling, Synnovis Group Keynote: What do we want from our hyphenated solutions? Prof John Langley, University of Southampton
14:30 WEDINOS – (Welsh Emerging Drugs and Identification of Novel Substances) Joanne Rogers, Cardiff Toxicology Laboratories Tackling the challenges of modern fuel with the application of chromatography and mass spectrometry Molly Wilson
Ms Molly Wilson, University of Southampton
14:50 The use of short 10 mm columns for rapid LC-MS analyses. AVANTOR Arianne Soliven
Dr Arianne Soliven, Avantor
Extending the Applicability Range of Refractive Index Detector via hyphenation with temperature gradient Temperature-responsive Liquid Chromatography for quantitative analysis Ms Elena Bandini, University of Ghent
15:10 Mass spectroscopy: Life at the interface. Hyphenated parallel (FT-IR) - MS for unambiguous ID in complex samples. Nathan Hawkins
Mr Nathan Hawkins, Spectrometrics Ltd
Fragmentation tree prediction based on molecular fingerprints Viktoriia Turkina
Ms Viktoriia Turkina, Van ’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS), University of Amsterdam
15:30 Coffee Break & Exhibition
Keynote: Mark Parkin, Eurofins Forensic Services
Environmental (Chair: Leon Barron)
Keynote: Jacqui Hamilton
Tutorial with open discussion: Applied Troubleshooting for GC & GC-MS Diane Turner
Dr Diane Turner, Anthias Consulting Ltd
16:30 Explosives detection and analysis for trace residue analysis Patrick Sears, University of Surrey Handheld liquid chromatography for field-based analysis Ali Salehi-Reyhani
Dr Ali Salehi-Reyhani, Imperial College London
16:50 A combination of liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry androgen profiling and machine learning identifies three distinct androgen metabolism subtypes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome Dr Angela Taylor, University of Birmingham Developing an assay to determine impact of environmental conditions on the breeding of endangered species Kelly-Anne Harrison
Ms Kelly-Anne Harrison, Avantor
17:10 Drugs of Misuse: A Year Long-Study Monitoring Heroin Use in England Derryn Grant
Ms Derryn Grant, Imperial College London
Mr Andrew Ward, JSB UK & Ireland
17:30 Conference Ends
19:15 Conference Mixer from 19:15 at Proud Mary Pub (Drinks and Food included for Delegates and Exhiibtors)

Conference Programme Day 3 - Thursday 6th July

08:55 SinS 2023 Announcements
  Lower Hall Ferrier Hall
  Presentation Speaker Presentation Speaker
09:00 One Health: Next generation medicine (Chair: Sam Whitmarsh) Green Techniques and Emerging Modalities (Chair: Diane Turner)
09:00 Keynote: Navigating the Complexities of Oligonucleotide Analysis via LCMS: Challenges and Solutions Nigel Richardson
Dr Nigel Richardson, CatSci
Keynote: Possibilities and limitations of purely aqueous temperature responsive liquid chromatography in LCxLC Frederic Lynen
Prof Frederic Lynen, Ghent Univeristy
Mr Fabien Hannauer, University of Southampton
Automated SIFT-MS - pushing the boundaries of high-throughput analysis Mark Perkins
Dr Mark Perkins, Element Laboratory Solutions
09:50 Multitarget Analysis of Xenobiotics in Breast Milk. First Steps Towards the Study of the Exposome Inés Baciero
Ms Inés Baciero, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
The Analysis of Pesticide Products using Ultra-High-Performance Supercritical Fluid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Rebecca Baker
Ms Rebecca Baker, University of Southampton
10:10 Enabling the recycling of technology critical elements from e-waste through metrology research Sarah Hill
Dr Sarah Hill, National Measurement Laboratory, LGC
The need for non targeted analysis of Nitrosamines within the Pharmaceutical industry Andrew James
Mr Andrew James, Ellutia
10:30 Coffee Break & Exhibition
11:00 Measurement and in silico prediction of pharmaceutical biotransformation in receiving water Olukemi Oloyede
Mx Olukemi Oloyede, Imperial College London
Cumulative Neutral Loss Model for Fragment Deconvolution in Electrospray Ionization High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data Ms Denice van Herwerden, University of Amstedam
11:20 Methods Database – Streamline HPLC Method Transfer and Data Comparison Azzedine Dabo
Dr Azzedine Dabo, GSK
From Helium to Hydrogen, a cost effective way to improve your lab’s green credentials Alan Griffiths
Mr Alan Griffiths, LECO
11:40 An Informatics Environment Designed for Molecular Characterization & Analytical Knowledge Management Ed Milton-Harris
Dr Ed Milton-Harris, ACD/Labs UK
Delivering Digital Work Instructions and AR Remote Support to Reduce Customer Downtime Nathan Burley
Mr Nathan Burley, SSS Ltd
12:00 Exhibition and Lunch
  Lower Hall
13:00 Plenary session : ENVIRONMENTAL/DIGITAL (Chair: Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay) Saer Samanipour
Dr. Saer Samanipour, Van’t Hoff institute Amsterdam
13:50 Plenary session : One Health ( Chair: John Langley) Steve Conlan
Prof Steve Conlan, Swansea University Medical School
14:40 Awards
14:45 Meeting close