SinS - Attendee Testimonials

The wide range of topics and quality of the speakers and poster presenters was excellent and very relevant in both a scientific and societal context.
Sarah OBrien, Buchi UK Ltd
SinS was the most Multi-disciplinary, cross-analytical and cross industry/Academia meeting I have attended in a number of years. It was great to be able to see the similarities and differences to other industrial areas and learn from their expertise.
Sam Whitmarsh, CatSci
SinS is a good event because it gave the avenue to see what solutions other scientists are proffering to solving scientific problems and create the avenue to connect and collaborate with other scientists.
Emmanuel Ogunjinmi, Edinburgh Napier
A great event for all analytical scientists covering a broad range of techniques and research areas/industries
Kathy Ridgway, Element laboratory solutions
The SinS conference was a great event because of the quality of attendees and the ability to discuss research and network in fertile environment.
Nick Molden, Emissions Analytics
SinS is a good event as it's size and events is perfect for networking
Adriaan Ampe, Ghent University
SinS is a great conference as it allows analytical scientists from all over the globe to meet and exchange ideas and techniques with like minded individuals. For example, I met someone from the Basque who has validated a specialized technique that I was having difficulty finding in the literature. Now I can progress my research with their input, something I may not have been able to achieve if we had not met in person.
Abdullah Shahid, Imperial College London
SinS was a great opportunity to meet people from other analytical communities and share experiences
Sarah Hill, LGC
SinS is a great opportunity to mix with others in your field.
Paul O'Nion, RSSL
I really enjoyed SinS this year. The plenary speakers did an incredible job, making the science they do engaging and insightful even to those outside their field. There was a broad range of topics discussed and colleagues were friendly and enthusiastic throughout. A real pleasure to attend!
Nathan Burley, Scientific Support Services
SinS is an amazing event for all to attend, especially very early career scientists like myself. SinS allowed me to not only network with a range of people from various backgrounds with a range of different knowledge, but to present some of my early research. I am very grateful for SinS for allowing me this opportunity.
Brenna Phillips, Swansea University
SinS is a good event because the delegates and exhibitors are passionate about the science and sharing new developments in the field.
Verity Cadd, TCS Biosciences
SinS is a great event because as an early career researcher I got to showcase my work and have brilliant discussions. I also got to network very comfortably
Caitlin Chapman, Teesside University
SinS was a fantastic meeting, bringing together scientists from diverse areas and allowing them to share common challenges and solutions.
John Langley, Umiversity of Southampton
SinS was a brilliant event to network and explore new topics. The quality of research was outstanding and the venue was beautiful.
Derryn Grant, Imperial College London
SinS is a lovely event where a big variety of scientist come together and can discuss future developments and collaborations
Jiani Hu, University of Amsterdam
A good opportunity to hear about the research from delegates from other countries
Rosamund Robinson, University of Portsmouth
SinS is a good event because it provides easy networking with friendly like minded people. You should attend SinS because it helps you see how you can improve the sustainability of your research.
Molly Wilson, University of Southampton
SinS is a good place to show your interest in different ways in the analytical chemistry! Meet up with people and gather ideas for your own work.
Denise de Meijer, Swansea Medical School
SinS was a great event. There were so many interesting presentations. I loved that there was a troubleshooting event as well.
Dara Pierre, University of Surrey
SinS was a very worthwhile event, close and well organised in a beautiful venue, Cardiff City Hall. I would definitely attend the event again.
Ines Baciero, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
SinS is THE place to learn about the latest and best analytical solutions. Experience greater exposure to tangential applications and take that knowledge back to your own field!
Jackie Mosely, University of York
Great opportunity to see and hear what research areas that industry are working on and also to engage with delegates from across the Chromatography spectrum.
Brian Montgomery, Avantor
SinS was a great event for me because of the breadth of analytical chemistry that was discussed, with a theme on how we can improve our sustainability. I came away with a lot of good ideas for my own work
Rebecca Baker, University of Southampton
SinS is essential attendance for analytical scientist as it showcases the best of UK analytical science for today and tomorrow
Tony Edge, Avantor
SinS was a brilliant event because it was so specialised and I had a genuine connection with every delegate I spoke with.
Caroline Plugge, Anthias Consulting Ltd
SinS was a great event for networking not only with a variety of suppliers but also students/ next generation of scientists.
Ashleigh Mellor, SCION Instruments
It was great to listen to all the analytical science research being undertaken in the UK and Europe and the talented individuals doing it. Many thanks to the organisers I look forward to the next event in 2025.
Paul Ferguson,Principle Scientist, Analytical Science AstraZeneca 
A wonderful event with a lot of exciting talks, posters, discussions and new collaborations. I am already blocking my calendar for SinS 2025
Saer Samanipour ,Assist Prof, University of Amsterdam 
Coming back to Gothenburg after three amazing days in Cardiff feeling super energized! SinS managed to have a good range of the talks and a good division with delegates being quite evenly distributed from both industry and academia. The topics sparked interesting discussions, I appreciated to be able to share the stage with both young researchers and well-known names in the field
Johanna Kollback, Senior Research Scientist, Separation Science Laboratory AstraZeneca 
This is the best opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals and to explore latest techniques and products.

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