AQE SHOW 2024 - Emissions Conference Programme


Day 1 (9th October 2024) - Emissions Conference

Time Presentation Speaker Company
09:30Conference Open - Rod Robinson
Session : Regulations & Standards (Session Chair: Rod Robinson)
10:00 UK BAT
10:20 Validation of Standards Marc Coleman National Physical Laboratory
10:40 EH 2/1 update Rupert Standring Environment Agency (EA)
11:00Coffee Break
11:20 A history of stack-emission monitoring in the UK since 1990 Simon Medhurst
11:40 Site safety related to emissions monitoring
13:30Poster Session
Session : Monitoring Challenges (Session Chair: Chris Dimopoulos)
14:00 What’s in the air? Update on PFAS monitoring developments in Belgium Jelle Hofman Vito
14:20 New techniques to measure PM2.5 Uniper
14:40 PM2.5 emissions from Energy from Waste and natural gas fired plants David Graham
David Graham
15:00Coffee Break
15:20 P-AMS, the future of standardized quality control for CEMS Antony Sumner
Antony Sumner
Gasmet Technologies (UK) Ltd
15:40 Automate and document the QAL3 procedure Kenneth Vindum
Kenneth Vindum
Olicem A/S

Day 2 (10th October 2024) - Emissions Conference

Time Presentation Speaker Company
09:30Conference Open - Marc Coleman
(Session Chair: Marc Coleman)
10:00 Uncertainty Rod Robinson National Physical Laboratory
10:20 Determination of TOC in stack through innovative FID analyser easy to carry Carlo Bruno
Carlo Bruno
Pollution Srl
10:40 Innovation in pure gas and mixtures packaging for laboratories and analysis market Simon James
Simon James
Air Liquide
11:00Coffee Break
Session : Odour
11:40 On line monitoring of odour unit (OU) emissions and odour sources identification by using a new generation of IOMS analysers around an animal feed production plant Jean-Christophe
Jean-Christophe Mifsud
13:30Poster Session
14:00 Dispersion modelling of mercury emissions from stacks of cement plants employing coal as an alternative fuel Abdullah Mustafa
Abdullah Mustafa
Faculty of Environmental Researches and Studies
14:20 Panel discussion