AQE SHOW 2024 - Seminars


Day 1 (9th October 2024) - Seminars

Time Presentation Speaker Company
10:30 Industrial Emission to Air NOx abatement Technologies ANUSHREE	KHIRIA<
Yara Environmental Technologies
11:15 Precise Environmental Data Correction in Low-Cost Sensors for Enhanced Air Quality Monitoring Edurne Ibarrola-Ulzurrun
Edurne Ibarrola-Ulzurrun
Kunak Technologies
12:45 Compact Air Quality Monitoring according to Standard Reference Methods Philipp Zimmel
Philipp Zimmel
JCT Group GmbH
13:30 Soarability Air Detection Prodcuts Adrian	Fowler
Adrian Fowler
AlphaGeo Ltd
14:15 Cartagena: A Digital Twin for Environmental Quality and Sustainability Eduardo Illueca Libelium
15:00 Ambient particle number and size measurement with a simple electrical instrument Erkka	Saukko
Erkka Saukko
Pegasor Oy

Day 2 (10th October 2024) - Seminars

Time Presentation Speaker Company
11:15 New 9λ Aethalometer model AE36s – Performance and advanced characterization of aerosol sources Asta	Gregorič
Asta Gregorič
Aerosol d.o.o.
12:00 Dispatches from the frontline: how to manufacture calibrated devices using machine learning Bruno	Beloff
Bruno Beloff
South Coast Science Limited
12:45 Investigating fleet emission characteristics using enhanced technical inspection procedures Daisy	Thomas
Daisy Thomas
3DATX Corporation