Qmicro - High-tech solutions for gas composition analysis

Qmicro offers high-tech products and solutions for online gas composition analysis, enabled by microGC chip technology. Core applications of Qmicro’s analyzers include the determination of the calorific value of natural gas in distribution networks. They monitor the composition of gas mixtures used in industrial processes, and in the future environmental monitoring.
Qmicro offers various product lines: DynamiQ-S and DynamiQ-X. The DynamiQ-X is a compact Ex certified process gas analyzer suitable for a range of natural gas applications including C6+ analysis, odorant monitoring and hydrogen/biogas injection control. The DynamiQ-S is a compact and versatile microGC module that offers system integrators, OEM-customers and distributors a versatile gas analysis platform that can be tailored and optimized for their specific applications. Their compact form and explosion-proof housing mean, they can be installed at any location. Qmicro’s products are an ideal solution for applications where natural gas properties need to be analyzed.