ENVEA's featured products at AQE 2021 Virtual

Dry sorbent injection into the flue gas on a range of industrial sites is a proven method for acid gas emissions control and compliance with evolving environmental control requirements.  In addition, the monitoring of gas abatement processes enables Plant Operators to optimise their injection process.

Sorbent injection is a finely balanced process.  Too little sorbent will not sufficiently neutralise acid gases and can lead to emission breaches and potential corrosion issues, whilst too much sorbent will mean an unnecessarily high consumable cost.  By directly measuring the mass flow of sorbent in real-time within the pneumatically conveyed feed line with control sensors such as the SolidFlow 2.0, one of ENVEA’s featured products at AQE Virtual, the control of sorbent feed can be fine-tuned.  Optimising the sorbent injection process reduces the risk of overdosing and keeps costs under control.