Environmental Protection now: evidence, policies and action

An Environmental Protection UK session at AQE Telford, in celebration of our 120th year

The civil society body that is now EPUK started at the Coal Smoke Abatement Society in 1898. Since then the Society has gained considerable experience of developing clean air policy and putting it into practice. This is strengthened by active involvement of our local authority members, whose knowledge of the practical side of environmental protection in the UK is unparalleled. A key insight gained over the years is that there is no substitute for knowledge  in planning for environmental improvement nor in taking effective action.

This conference session is free of charge to all interested parties and will take place in Workshop room 5 at AQE between 2pm and 4pm. These talks will explore this insight as it effects our work today. They will consider what has worked best in the past and, in respect of today's challenges, what will work best in future.


Sarah Legge, Chair Air Quality Committee, "What next for air quality in the UK: new legislation and policies", this will include the Clean Air Strategy, National Plan, NECD and LAQM, and an update (if available) on the new Environment Act, and clean air aspects.

John Murlis, Trustee,  "Effective policy for designing are quality strategies; the importance of scientific insights and practical experience."

Workshop Room 6 on Wednesday…… 2pm-4pm