HTC-15 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Separation of amino acids and aromatic carboxylic acids on silica monolithic capillary columns
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Fundamentals in Separation Science & Sample Prep
Presenter Name: Dr Dana Moravcova
Co-authors:Dr Josef Planeta
Company/Organisation: Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Analytical Chemistry
Country: Czech Republic

Abstract Information :

The capillary monolithic columns (0.1mm x 150mm) prepared by acidic hydrolysis of tetramethoxysilane in the presence of polyethylene glycol and urea [1] and modified to various HILIC (zwitterionic-, amino-) stationary phases were applied to separation of amino acids and aromatic carboxylic acids. Effects of buffer type and concentration as well as content of organic solvent in mobile phase on separation of selected analytes were evaluated.

The separation of native amino acids and aromatic carboxylic acids was achieved under isocratic separation conditions on all tested columns. The lowest separation selectivity showed bare silica monolithic column. On the other hand, zwitterionic stationary phases enabled fast and effective separation of amino as well as aromatic carboxylic acids, e.g., the zwitterionic column modified by [2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl]-dimethyl-(3-sulfopropyl)-ammonium hydroxide allowed separation of nine amino acids (Phe, Trp, Met, Tyr, Pro, Lys, Ala, Gly, Ser) in a time up to 5 min employing 75% v/v of acetonitrile with 25% v/v of 25 mM ammonium formate, pH = 4.5, as mobile phase.

Acknowledgement: This contribution has been supported by the Czech Science Foundation (Project No. 16-03749S), the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (Project No.VI20172020069), and by the Czech Academy of Sciences (institutional support RVO:68081715).