HTC-15 - SCIEX Lunch Seminar : Mapping Protein Modifications Using Novel MS Strategies

Seminar Time: 24/01/2017 Wednesday at 12.00 - 14:00

SCIEX is proud to be sponsor of the HTC-15: 15th International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniques in Chromatography and Separation Technology.

This event is taking place in Cardiff, UK, on the 24th-26th January 2018. HTC 15 will be the premier analytical meeting in the UK for 2018, attracting national and internationally renowned scientists. The Meeting is organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry Separation Science Group with the Royal Flemish Chemical Society. On this occasion, SCIEX will be present on booth #8: come by and learn more about our solutions.

Register today to attend our Lunch Seminar "Mapping Protein Modifications Using Novel MS Strategies", presented by Dr Steve Lock and Neil Walsh (SCIEX, Warrington, UK), and Prof. Claire Eyers (University of Liverpool, UK).

In this workshop, we will start by showing how SWATH Acquisition is being used to help proteomics researchers answer questions. We will then discuss how capillary electrophoresis coupled to mass spectrometry (CESI-MS) is helping scientists detect post translation modifications which may have been missed by LC-MS separation and look at how this technique can be used to drive quantitation limits lower using injection techniques only open to CE. Finally, we will finish by a look into the future on how CESI-MS is now starting to be used to separate variants and identify proteoforms at the intact level eliminating the need for digestion.

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The format of this Lunch Seminar is 40 minutes, and lunch will be provided. We recommend you to secure your registration now, as seats will be limited.