HTC-15 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Object orientated programming, a core skill for the modern analytical chemist?
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Big Data Chemometrics and Method Development(In-Silico)(KVCV)
Presenter Name: Mr Samuel Ellick
Co-authors:Dr Samuel Whitmarsh
Dr Christianne Wicking
Dr Paul Gates
Dr Christoher Arthur
Company/Organisation: University of Bristol
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Programming languages offer a powerful solution to analysing complex chemical datasets, allowing us to automate a wide variety of functions on our data leading towards that important answer we are looking for. The demand for basic programming skills in the analytical industry has increased in recent years. This poster supplements the presentation 'Data to decision: efficient processing of complex petroleomics data' and expands upon the programming aspects of this presentation.

The analysis of petroleum and related products is a remaining challenge due mostly to the complexity of the products. Flexible and powerful analysis can be brought about using programming languages to issue clear transformations and calculations. These solutions are often more favourable to third party software's as they are more flexible cheaper, although some coding experience is required.

This poster will use several core examples, such as base oil group clustering, diagnosing good and bad lubricants plus [XX]. It is hoped that a clear explanation of the analyses performed will challenge the idea some chemists may have about the difficulty of learning programming languages. Currently, skills like these are desirable for recruiters and employers, however in the future programming may be a necessity.