HTC-15 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Flow chemistry: A synthetic chemist's perspective
Abstract Type: Tutorial
Session Choice: Microfluidics & flow process technology
Presenter Name: Dr Anna Slater
Company/Organisation: University of Liverpool
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Flow processes have been used in analytical science for decades; an early example is the AutoAnalyzer invented by Skeggs in the 1950s. Process analytical technology (PAT) is increasingly used in industry to monitor flow and batch processes in real time, with attractive advantages over offline methods. However, opportunities exist to develop new methodologies for monitoring laboratory and plant scale processes to achieve both final product quality, and ease the transition between lab discovery of new materials and their industrial use.

This tutorial will focus on the flow process to be monitored, giving examples of chemistry carried out under continuous flow conditions. An introduction to the benefits and implications of moving from batch to flow will be covered, discussing which classes of reactions are best suited to such a transfer.

Emphasis will be placed on the benefits analytical process monitoring can bring, such as greater understanding, improved safety, and higher R&D efficiency. Finally, some of the challenges of monitoring flow processes will be discussed, with examples from the flow chemistry literature used to show recent advances in the area.