HTC-15 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Exploiting comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography in food analysis
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Advanced Analysis of Food and Beverages
Presenter Name: Prof Paola Dugo
Company/Organisation: University of Messina
Country: Italy

Abstract Information :

Food chemistry is continuously involved in the characterization of nutraceuticals viz. mole-cules with beneficial effects on human health. Selective and sensitive analytical methods should be capable to allow the determination of the main components occurring in food real-world-samples.

The power of multidimensional "comprehensive" liquid chromatography (LCxLC) methods, along with recent advances in mass spectrometry (MS), have enabled a much deeper insight into the true qualitative and quantitative composition of samples of food interest. The most striking beneficial aspect is the combination of two or more independent separation steps, in-creasing significantly the separation power of the corresponding one-dimensional LC counter-part.

Our research group have been actively engaged in the development and implementation of various LCxLC methodologies using different instrumental set-ups and column combination. In this contribution, food applications in the field of LCxLC will be presented, especially em-ploying reversed phase conditions in both separation dimensions (RP-LCxRP-LC).