HTC-15 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Big Data - When Less is More
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Big Data Chemometrics and Method development (In-Silico) (KVCV)
Presenter Name: Mr Benjamin Woolford-Lim
Company/Organisation: GlaxoSmithKline
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

How many different file formats do you use in your work? Word docs and PDFs for analytical methods, Excel spreadsheets for calculations, a multitude of scientific file formats for raw data... One of the challenges of Big Data, also faced by scientists at the bench, is how to reconcile all these different inputs and contexts to make sense of the whole.
The goal of the Allotrope Foundation is to provide a consistent, coherent, and high performance data format. Representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, hardware and software vendors, and government institutes have all come together to build a flexible approach that can be developed and extended to store scientific data of all kinds. Using innovative Semantic Web technologies on top of the well-established HDF5 file format, the Foundation's approach is starting to enable consistent, context-rich data capture from the beginning of the scientific process right to the very end.

This talk will share details of the Allotrope Data Format, a new file format for scientific data that simplifies data sharing, brings toolset flexibility to scientists at the bench, and enables easier access to Big Data techniques. It will also outline the usage of this and other Allotrope products to provide Big Data capabilities in companies today.