HTC-15 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Advancing the analytical toolbox using shotgun lipidomics for lipid modifying enzymes
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Advanced Analysis of Food and Beverages
Presenter Name: Dr Erwin Kaal
Co-authors:Mrs Emilie Usureau
Mr Raymond Ramakers
Mr Rob van der Hoeven
Company/Organisation: DSM
Country: Netherlands

Abstract Information :

Lipids are playing a significant role in food textural properties, flavor and health. Therefore, lipids are an important compound class for nutritional products. One way to improve food products are the use of enzymes, such as lipases, to convert lipids. To understand the role and the functionality of those enzymes in food, it is necessary to obtain quantitative information of all lipids present, including Regio-isomers, before, during and after enzyme treatment of food products. From an analytical perspective, this is a challenging task because of the large diversity of lipid classes present in food, different concentration ranges and large number of samples to be analyzed. Nowadays, many different analytical tools, such as LC/MS, GC/MS and NMR, are needed to obtain the complete lipid mass balance in food products including converted lipids. With the present way of working, a good overview of the lipids can be obtained. Nevertheless, the present workflow is time consuming, gives relatively large analytical errors and some details on the lipids cannot be obtained. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the workflow to have more valuable information on lipids in food. In this study, shotgun lipidomics including hyphenated ion-mobility mass spectrometry is evaluated for determining the complete lipid mass profile in food products. A comparison is made between LC/MS and the newly developed ion mobility-based shotgun lipidomics approach. The similarities and differences in the range of lipids detected and the congruency of their relative abundances as detected by each analytical platform are discussed.