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WWEM 2018 - Posters

WWEM 2018 - Posters
No Poster Title Presenter Company Country
1 Radar-gauge rainfall merging with uncertainty: Kriging with External Drift and Non-Stationary Variance (KED-NSV) Francesca Cecinati University of Bath United Kingdom
2 Microwaves and Functional Materials: a Novel Method to Continuously Detect Zinc Ions in Water Ilaria Frau Liverpool John Moores University United Kingdom
3 Water sensing for in-airway monitoring of ventilated patients Jennifer Redmond University of Oxford United Kingdom
4 Measuring metaldehyde in surface waters in the UK using two monitoring approaches Prof Graham Mills University of Portsmouth United Kingdom
5 From catchment to tap: Source and fate of polar organic chemicals and their associated risks Prof Gary Fones University of Portsmouth United Kingdom
6 3D Animation for Applications to Science and the Environment Dr Peter Baugh EFASIG (The BMSS) United Kingdom
7 Comprehensive Analysis of Elemental Contamination in Environmental Samples utilizing Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) Dr Simon Nelms Thermo Fisher Scientific United Kingdom
8 The exploration on utilizing microalgae for food waste leachate treatment Dr Steven XU Jingliang The Open University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
9 Comparative analysis in waste water screening applications using GC/MS and comprehensive GCxGC/MS Marco Ruijken MsMetrix Netherlands
10 Chemical Speciation of metalloids arsenic and antimony in natural systems Dennis Tuyogon University of Liverpool United Kingdom
11 I-Cal: Inline Ion Selective Electrode Calibration Nathan Lawrence ANB Sensors United Kingdom
12 A New Approach to Fluorescence Measurements Justin Dunning Chelsea Technologies Group United Kingdom
13 Introducing the latest developments to the first automated flow cytometer for microbiological monitoring of drinking water Stefan Zimmerman Sigrist-Photometer Ag / Processplus Ltd Switzerland
14 Feed-forward feed-back load control of Activated Sludge Process (Providing utilities with compliance assurance, energy savings and process optimisation) Michael Dooley Processplus with Strathkelvin Instruments United Kingdom
15 Overcoming Challenging SM 5310B TOC Determination of Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Samples John F. Welsh OI Analytical United States
16 Development of a GC-MS method for the simultaneous screening of target and non-target contaminants in river water Sebastiano Panto LECO Germany
17 Surpassing Detection Limits for Contaminants in Water Using EPA Method 525.2 via GC/MS Trevor Frost LECO United Kingdom
18 New Turbidity Measurement Technology - a Step Forward in Ensuring Drinking Water Quality Dr Geraldine P.Rigby Hach United Kingdom
19 Rapid determination of ethynylestradiol (17α-EE2) to 15 pg/L using the EQuanMAX online SPE coupled to a QE Focus Orbitrap LC/MS/MS system Dr Neville Llewellyn Thermo Fisher Scientific United Kingdom
20 Rapid and cost-efficient monitoring of water, wastewater and environmental samples by TXRF spectrometry Dr Armin Gross Blue Scientific / Bruker Germany
21 Assessment of Groundwater Aquifer Impact from Artificial Lagoons and the Reuse of Wastewater in Qatar Hayat Aljabiry University of Nottingham United Kingdom
Poster Guidelines
  • Posters must be in portrait orientation (vertical) and not exceed 90cm wide by 180cm tall. Posters in landscape orientation (horizontal) will not fit on the poster boards being used at the conference
  • We advise that poster presenters use A0 sized posters which are 84cm x 119cm
  • All poster presenters must be registered.
  • The poster boards are made of shell scheme type material and work with sticky hooks and loops which will be provided.
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