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Presenter Name: Mr James Chapman
Company/Organisation: Hach UK
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Mobile Sensor Management helps Welsh Water proactively maintain key instrumentation for a critical LTP process. At Dr Cymru Welsh Waters Five Fords Wastewater Treatment Works WwTW, near Wrexham, North Wales 170,000 pe, Mott MacDonald Bentley MMB have designed amp; built a flagship sludge treatment centre. Subcontractor to MMB on this project, Veolia Water Technologies provided a process for the treatment of post THP Thermal hydrolysis process centrate. The new Liquor Treatment Plant LTP incorporates the HYBAS IFAS ANITA Mox technology. A HACH High Range AMTAX ammonium analyser was installed on the LTP outlet alongside Hach pH amp; Dissolved Oxygen probes. The AMTAX is used to control the critical part of the process, the air supply. Hachs Mobile Sensor Management MSM was installed as part of this project. MSM is part of Claros, the Water Intelligence System from Hach. It is a web-based software solution developed to address critical challenges that affect the instrument measurements and the quality of its data. Engineers reported that the early warning emails describing the integrity of the instruments formed a vital part of their commissioning work. In addition, the Predictive Diagnostics amp; proactive maintenance reminders from MSM formed part of process engineer site visit scheduling, as the LTP was not manned daily and therefore unexpected analyser downtime was avoided. Welsh Water now control the LTP and have found that by using MSM it has freed up a great deal of time for ICA engineers to undertake other tasks around site, only reacting when they need to and informing the daily activity for staff in attendance. Welsh Water ICA staff have reinforced the criticality of the LTP process and as a result the importance of reacting quickly to any analyser maintenance that might be required, so that the treatment process is not affected.

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