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PEFTEC 2019 - Seminars Timetable on Wednesday
Day 1 Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
10.00 - 10.30 Optimus/ELS

Fuel for the Future: How physical properties testing and elemental analysis will be performed during the next decades

Detection of sulphurous and other volatile compounds at sub ppm using GC-IMS
Duvas Technologies

Understanding Pollutant Emissions Crossing your Fence Line: A Comparative Study of Global Fence Lines using Duvas` DV3000 UV-DOAS Mobile Solution
Tecam Group

Case Study: how Tecam Group environmental technology reduced 99.9% of VOC emissions at Koole Terminals in the Port of Rotterdam

Practical Applications of FT-NIR in the Refinery
11.00 - 11.30 Optimus/ELS

Do's and dont's in ISO 17025 verification of Petroleum analysers
Sion Technologies

Revolutionizing Gas Chromatography: safe use of Hydrogen as carrier gas

Advanced remote sensing solutions accommodating petrochemical/chemical industrial monitoring needs and challenges based on field analysis
Lumex Analytics

Process analytical instruments for oil and gas industry

Detection of Corrosive Gases in live pipeline products
Grabner Instruments

Data management and remote control with Grabner's COCKPIT TM Software for Vision analyzers
12.00 - 12.30 Chemplex

XRF Sample Prep-Your Key to Consistent Results

Using HDXRF for Screening Refinery Products Before ICP Analysis

Predicting separations using GC modeling: The most simple and cost-effective way to speed up analysis
Agilent Technologies

Agilent Lunch - Seminar (12:00- 12:45)

Enhanced analysis of oxygenate components in finished gasoline's
14.30 - 15.00 Qsenz

Online water quality analysis, why and how
Joint Analytical Systems

Analysis of Oxygenates in Petroleum Products using GC-AED

Tunable laser C1-C5 analyzer for process control
Lumin ultra

Microbial fuel testing in < 5 minutes - learn how to sample and test easily in the field

Moisture Analysis via Gas Chromatography with BID in Petroleum and Petroleum Products
15.30 - 16.00 UNION Instruments

A new ATEX-approved Combustion Calorimeter available

High resolution benchtop NMR spectroscopy: hardware, methods and applicatons

Monitoring Air Quality, fugitive emissions and gas leaks at industrial sites

Turnkey UAV payload for methane leak detection and quantification

Designing, Developing and Deploying Cybersecure Process Analyzers
PEFTEC 2019 - Seminars Timetable on Thursday
Day 2 Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7
10.00 - 10.30 SepSolve Analytical

Pushing the boundaries of hyphenation in gas chromatography
Boreal Europe

Tunable Laser Diode Spectroscopy in the industry
Baytek International

Automation of ISO 4259 ASTM D6299 Test Method Statistical Quality Control and EPA Tier 3 QA/QC Programs in Testing Laboratories

Flare optimization. Greenhouse gas reduction combined with steam and fuel savings
11.00 - 11.30 Optimus/ELS

Do's and dont's in ISO 17025 verification of Petroleum analysers
Analytik Jena

Elementanalysis - Overcoming challenges in the analysis workflow of the downstream oil and gas industry
Interscience - Global Analyser Solutions

New options for CompactGC: Fast temperature programmable oven and onboard Thermal Desorber for fast catalyst screening and emission control
ECH Elektrochemie Halle

New procedure to determine ppm water in LPG and all gas mixtures using coulometric Karl Fischer titration

Turnkey UAV payload for methane leak detection and quantification

High Capacity Filters Extend Your GC Column's Lifetime
12.00 - 12.30 Silcotek

Creating inert surfaces with CVD silicon coatings from Silcotek

Sensitive and interference-free determination of Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen in hydrocarbon streams

Online analysis of Sulfur compounds in fossil fuels using a system with GC-ED with pressurized headspace
Metal Arsenal

Eccotarp - everything is foldable collapsible products for environmental protection

Optical Gas Imaging Sensitivity Study: Envelope of Sensitivity Performance for a Cooled Detector Camera
Synchron Lab Automation

Automated Sample Prep for Viscosity measurements, PQ,ICP,TAN/TBN
14.00 - 14.30 Jantril

Monitoring Air Quality, fugitive emissions and gas leaks at industrial sites
University of York

Aircraft measurements of VOC emissions from North Sea oil and gas facilities
Heriot-Watt University, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Open-Path Mid-Infrared Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Gases Using a Broadband Optical Parametric Oscillator
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at FSU

Environmental and Petrochemical Applications of Ultra-High Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry
PEFTEC 2019 - Posters
ID Poster Title Presenter Name Company Country
P-1Specification Analysis of Gasoline by high-resolution ICP-OESDr Sebastian WuenscherAnalytik JenaGermany
P-2ASTM D5453 - Total Sulfur Determination and Long Term Stability for the Tier 3 and Euro 5 complianceDr Stefan JezierskiAnalytik Jena AGGermany
P-3Robust TOC / TNb analysis for process effluent, cooling water and brine analysis in petro chemistryMr Bernd BletzingerAnalytik Jena AGGermany
P-4Application of GCxGC-VUV and GCxGC-FID for the analysis of common gasoline samples, middle distillates and crude oil distillation cutsDr Maximilian JennerweinASG Analytik Service GmbHGermany
P-5Porous silica monoliths: a featured stationary phase for Miniaturized GCs for rapid analysis of light gases Dr Imadeddine AZZOUZCRAPCAlgeria
P-6GC Solution for the Automated Analysis of Benzene in Air Mr Harm MoesDa Vinci Laboratory SolutionsNetherlands
P-7Impacts of hydraulic fracturing on water quality: a review of literature, and an analysis of information gaps.Mr Jam Aleem Nawaz KhanFlorida International UniversityUnited States
P-8Safe LPG injection for trace Sulfur and permanent gas analysisMr wilco agterhuisGlobal Analyser Solutions / InterscienceNetherlands
P-9Open-Path Mid-Infrared Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Gases Using a Broadband Optical Parametric OscillatorMr Derryck T. ReidHeriot-Watt UniversityUnited Kingdom
P-10New developments in the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) GF-6 engine oil specificationsDr Raj ShahKoehler Instrument CompanyUnited States
P-11Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF) - An ideal tool for refiners especially for ultra-low sulfur fuelsDr Raj ShahKoehler Instrument CompanyUnited States
P-12Recent advances in biodiesel testing specifications and test methods in Europe and in the United States.Dr Raj ShahKoehler Instrument CompanyUnited States
P-13Distillation (ASTM D86): Recent Changes and an In-Depth Study of a New Hydrocarbon Synthetic StandardMrs Cindy KlagerKoehler Instrument CompanyUnited States
P-14A unique oscillation, friction and wear laboratory measuring device to evaluate tribological properties for greases and lubricantsDr Raj ShahKoehler Instrument CompanyUnited States
P-15Vapor Pressure Measurement: Recent Advances and an In Depth Study of the Science that Supports ItDr Raj ShahKoehler Instrument Company, Inc.United States
P-16Recent changes to ASTM D445 and a comparison of viscosity measurement using newly developed viscometry instrumentationDr Raj ShahKoehler Instrument Company, Inc.United States
P-17Molecular characterization of petroleum mixtures using multiple ionization modes and GCxGC-HRTOFMS Dr Pierre-Hugues StefanutoOBiAChem Group - ULiegeBelgium
P-18Cis-Trans FAMEs in Fuels by GC and GCxGC using Zebron ZB-FAME GC ColumnDr Ramkumar DhandapaniPhenomenexUnited States
P-19Improved High Temperature Simulated Distillation Using Glass infusion technology metal GC Columns Dr Ramkumar DhandapaniPhenomenexUnited States
P-20Orthogonal Selectivity for Separation of Light and Heavy Petroleum Hydrocarbons by 2D GC using Zebron ZB-1HT Inferno and ZB-35HT Inferno GC ColumnsDr Ramkumar DhandapaniPhenomenexUnited States
P-21Measuring viscosity at low shear with small sample sizeMr Marc-Andre BlaichproRheo GmbHGermany
P-22Measuring water quality and delivering consistent and reliable data Charlotte MidagQsenzNetherlands
P-23Isotopic signatures of urban methane emissions in London, UKMrs Julianne FernandezRoyal Holloway University of LondonUnited Kingdom
P-25Polymer characterization using pyrolysis 1D and 2D GC-HR-TOFMSMr Eric BranderSABICNetherlands
P-26Analysis of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) by GC×GC-FIDDr Laura McGregorSepSolve AnalyticalUnited Kingdom
P-27Group-type analysis of petroleum products by GCxGCDr Laura McGregorSepSolve AnalyticalUnited Kingdom
P-28VOC and LEL monitoring, a novel solution combining two analytical methodsMr Daniel MerrimanThermo Fisher ScientificUnited Kingdom
P-29Petroleum analysis - more than a pretty poster Mr Sam EllickUniversity of BristolUnited Kingdom
P-30Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Spectrofluorimetry combined with Chemometrics In Order to Determine The Performance Level of Gasoline Engine OilsMs Maryam HooshyariUniversity of GenovaItaly
P-31Aircraft measurements of VOC emissions from North Sea oil and gas facilities Shona WildeUniversity of YorkUnited Kingdom
P-32Using Static Headspace GC-VUV to Detect Methanol in Crude OilMr James DiekmannVUV AnalyticsUnited States
P-33A Systematic Approach to Creating Faster and Higher Temperature Simulated Distillation Methods Using a New Air Bath Oven GCMr Remko van LoonAgilentNetherlands

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