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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: A comparison of greenhouse gas emissions during COVID-19 lock downs in Manchester, UK
Presenter Name: Mr Han Yong
Company/Organisation: University of Manchester
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Urban methane emissions are an important source and remain a particular challenge to measurement-led quantification science. In this study, we will present an analysis of simultaneously-sampled in-situ measurements of methane concentrations along with other air quality trace gases, aerosols and meteorological conditions made from an air quality supersite in an urban area to the South of Manchester, UK. We will present a statistical and climatological assessment of observation at the monitoring site and discuss their potential utility in understanding the nature of urban sources. We also present a comparison of observations during COVID-19 lockdown and non-lockdown periods, which show clear emission changes in response to lockdown policies and human activity changes. We also discuss the use of machine learning, which was also applied to the dataset to derive a weather-normalised baseline, which could be used to highlight emission events, and assess emission deviations associated with future Net Zero policies in the UK and beyond.

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