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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme 2022

IMMC 2022 provides a unique environment for delegates, allowing them the opportunity to compare capabilities, discuss challenges and review emerging technologies for monitoring methane. At IMMC 2022, leading experts will discuss latest field studies and policy developments alongside showcasing cutting edge methods and novel technologies for monitoring fugitive methane emissions including leak detection, identification and quantification as well as long term monitoring.

Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme - Day1

* Please note all the presentation times are show in Central European Time(CEST)

Time Title Speaker Company Country
09:00 Registration and coffee  
09:20 Introduction to IMMC Rod Robinson National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
Session 1: Let's set the scene with a Policy & Drivers overview
09:30 Methane Legislative Proposals Joana Simao Costa European Commission  
09:45 OGMP/UNEP Manfredi Caltagirone    
10:00 IMEO & global CH4 trends incl. methane pledge Andris Piebalgs  
10:15 Top down talk Anke Roiger    
10:30 Q&A Session
10:40Coffee break
Session 2: CH4 Industry: Methods & Measurements
11:10 Drone-based Top-down and Bottom-up Reconciliation of Methane Emissions from an Offshore Gas Production Platform Stefan Schwietzke EDF Germany
11:25 Reconciliation between bottom-up and top-down methane emission measurements Nigel Yarrow NPL United Kingdom
11:40 GERG projects on site level methane emissions quantification and data reconciliation Jean-Daniel Paris CEA-LSCE Spain
11:55 Methane Emissions and Flaring Efficiencies in the North Sea Jacob Shaw University of Manchester United Kingdom
12:10 Q&A Session
12:20Lunch & Poster Session
13:35 Multiscale methane measurements of a contiguous, onshore natural gas production region in Wyoming, USA Howard Dieter Jonah Energy LLC United States
13:50 CH4 emissions from oil and gas production in Romania Thomas Röckmann Utrecht University Netherlands
14:05 Multiscale measurements of methane emissions in North American oil and gas producing regions Erin Tullos Scientific Aviation - ChampionX United States
14:20 Methane emissions from global supply chains- quantification and assessment of national reporting Jasmin Cooper Sustainable Gas Institute, Imperial College London United Kingdom
14:35 Q&A Session
14:30Coffee break
Session 2 contd: CH4 Industry: Methods & Measurements
15:15 Scientific Field Studies of the International Methane Emissions Observatory IMEO James France EDF United Kingdom
15:30 How much methane is released in the biomethane supply chain? Semra Bakkaloglu Imperial College London United Kingdom
15:45 Methane emission from the coal mine industry - metrology and cost aspects of MRV Jaroslaw Necki AGH Poland
16:00 Q&A Session
16:10Close & Drinks reception/posters

Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme - Day2

* Please note all the presentation times are show in Central European Time(CEST)

Time Title Speaker Company Country
09:00 Registration and coffee  
09:20 Summary of previous day Rod Robinson National Physical Laboratory  
Session 2 contd.: CH4 Industry: Methods & Measurements (new guideline)
09:30 How structured LDAR programs can reduce methane emissions to comply with regulations Cindy Verhoeven The Sniffers Belgium
09:45 A tale of two reconciliations: Recent experiences from conducting top-down methane measurement Peter Evans BP United Kingdom
10:00 Comparison of measurement-based quantification methods for methane emissions from the natural gas distribution network Hossein Maazallahi Utrecht University Netherlands
10:15 Validating solutions for detecting and quantifying methane emissions under comparable protocols Clay Bell Colorado State University United States
10:30 Q&A Session
10:40Coffee break
Session 3: Research & Emerging technologies
11:10 Architecture and Testing of Next-Generation High Flow Samplers Daniel Zimmerle Colorado State University United States
11:25 Industrial Deployment of Tunable Diode Lidar for Continuous, Autonomous Monitoring and Quantification of Methane Emissions Doug Millington-Smith QLM Tech Ltd United Kingdom
11:40 How to deploy a continuous monitor to detect methane emissions Marnix Valkeniers Sensiron Switzerland
11:55 Development of predictive analytics for the measurement of methane from gas turbines Jan Sandvig Nielsen Weel Amp Denmark
12:10 Q&A Session
12:20Lunch break
Session 3 contd: Research & Emerging technologies
13:35 Validation and Uncertainty Assessment of an Airborne Miniature TDLAS System for Top-Down Methane Emission Quantification of Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities Abigail Corbett SeekOps United States
13:50 Benefits of simultaneous quantification of CH4 and CO2 fluxes based on in-situ measurement by drone (AUSEA): Applications to O&G industry (On Shore, Off Shore and Flare) Ludovic Donnat Total Energies France
14:05 A comprehensive summary of methane quantification using telops airborne hyperspectral instrument from Telops Jean-Philippe Gagnon Telops Canada
14:20 Q&A Session
14:30Coffee break
15:00 Panel Session (Chair: Rod Robinson)
Speakers Topics
Industry: Tania (Enagas - midstream) & Trond (Equinor - Upstream) - oil&gas & offshore
NMI: Rod Robinson (NPL)
Regulatory: Joana Simao Costa (EU Commission)
All: Stephanie Saunier - Carbon Limits"
1. Proposed EU regs
2. Flaring/Ems from war regions
3. H2 as an energy vector
16:00Wrap up and close by Rod Robinson