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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: How much methane is released in the biomethane supply chain?
Presenter Name: Dr Semra Bakkaloglu
Company/Organisation: Imperial College London
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Minimising energy-related methane emissions is critical to keeping global warming well below 2C. The majority of attention has been focused on fossil fuels, but the distribution of emissions within and between supply chain routes in biomethane supply chains is lacking. We present a systematic synthesis of methane emissions from 48 direct measurement studies for a variety of biomethane supply chains, breaking down stages and identifying key contributing elements. The aggregate methane emissions are estimated using a Monte Carlo approach, and range from 3.9 to 338 g CO2 eq.MJHHV for GWP100. The median and mean emissions are 35.2 38.5 g CO2-equivalentMJ HHV and 47.6 48.3 g CO2-equivalentMJ HHV, respectively. Super-emitters were identified across all stages of the supply chain. The highest 5 of total emissions 200.7223.2 g CO2-eqMJHHV account for 63 5966 of cumulative methane emissions, with a threshold of 212 g CO2-equivalentMJ HHV. The characteristics of super-emitters in the biomethane supply chain are similar to those of super-emitters in the oil and natural gas supply chain. Our findings indicate that, in order to achieve sustainability and climate benefits, special attention should be paid to mitigating methane emissions from the biomethane supply chain.

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