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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract


Abstract Title: Multiscale measurements of methane emissions in North American oil and gas producing regions
Presenter Name: Dr Erin Tullos
Co-authors:Dr Feliple Cardoso-Saldaa
Ms Colette Schissel
Prof David Allen
Company/Organisation: Scientific Aviation - ChampionX
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

We will present two case studies that demonstrate the use and interpretation of methane measurements across populations of upstream oil and gas facilities. The first study was conducted across a population of relatively simple, dry-gas facilities. The second took place across a series of greater than 100 tank battery facilities from an oil-producing region.rnrnIn the first study, we compare data collected during field trials of two methane measurement technologies, using both a vehicle based system and a drone mounted system. We developed spatial and temporal emission inventories for the observed wells through an oil and gas emission simulator tool. We successfully reconciled the source level inventory with the site level measurements.rnrnIn the second study, we field trialed four aerial methane detection technologies within the Permian Basin, and compared them to the drone mounted quantification. We compare the unique vantage points of the methane detection technologies considering differences in fundamental measurement approaches and detection limits. We also compare these observations to anticipate emissions through a source based inventory approach. Results of the technology comparison, outcomes from reconciliation and insights from the synthesis of the information will be discussed.rn

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