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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract


Abstract Title: How to deploy a continuous monitor to detect methane emissions
Presenter Name: Mr Marnix Valkeniers
Co-authors:Dr Daniel Rueffer
Company/Organisation: Sensirion
Country: Switzerland

Abstract Information :

The core aspect of this talk is the presentation of key learnings and insights originating from the research and development work at Sensirion to present conference participants the emerging Nubo Sphere technology and how it can be deployed in real life to uncover fugitive methane emissions fast and remotely. This newly developed sensor network is a high-performing, yet low-cost end-to-end IoT solution for real-time monitoring of methane emissions from the energy sector as well as coal mines, waste water treatment plants, biogas plants or agriculture. rnrnFirst the audience gets introduced to Sensirion, the company behind Nubo Sphere. Sensirion is a globally leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems for high performance environmental monitoring solutions. With currently around 1000 employees worldwide, more than 1 billion sensors have been sold to date. Sensirion provides cutting edge solutions to the medical, industrial, and automotive sectors and for about a year also gas analyzers to the oil amp; gas industry.rnrnThe main part of the presentation focuses on the latest performance results and best work practices of Nubo Sphere from several field campaigns. This will include, if already available, results from METECs ADED program ending on May 13th as well as insights from other pilot projects with lead customers from the oil amp; gas industry. For example, METEC results from a 2-week blind test campaign show a 100 correctly localized leaks with a corresponding 50 quantification accuracy over a measurement period of just a few hours releases were between 0.5 and 3 kgh with a typical distance of the sensors to the emission source between 15 and 25 meters. As the achievable quantification accuracy in the field is probably lower, the system is designed to be future-proof featuring two exchangeable sensor cartridges which enable easy maintenance and sustainable upgrades to the latest sensing technology. The second cartridge slot, which is currently unused, can be equipped with additional sensors to measure air quality or safety parameters such as H2S, CO2, SO2 etc. As of today, the fixed-point Nubo Sphere sensor nodes operate autonomously producing reliable and accurate 247 methane emissions data which are displayed on a Sensirion dashboard or can be accessed via API. rnrnIn a concluding fourth phase the presentation gets wrapped up and the audience receives insights to further steps and development roadmaps at Sensirion for Nubo Sphere.rn

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