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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract


Abstract Title: Validating solutions for detecting and quantifying methane emissions under comparable protocols
Presenter Name: Dr Clay Bell
Co-authors:Mr Daniel Zimmerle
Company/Organisation: Colorado State University
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Colorado State Universitys Methane Emission Technology Evaluation Center CSU METEC developed protocols to evaluate key metrics of emission detection and quantification systems. Designed to be transportable to other testing environments such as TOTAL ENERGIES TADI facility, the protocols focus on data collection requirements and analysis methods to evaluate detection limits, quantification accuracy, and localization accuracy of both survey techniques and continuous monitoring systems. A metrics-based approach allows operators to assess solutions fit-for-purpose and provides a uniform footing to inform regulation and policy. To date, seven survey solutions and ten continuous monitoring solutions have conducted testing to the protocols with METEC. This presentation introduces the test methodology, data collection and analysis techniques. Test results are reviewed and discussed to demonstrate the potential for such protocols to develop comparable metrics for disparate systems including handheld, mobile, drone, and aircraft survey systems as well as point sensor networks and spectral imaging continuous monitoring systems. Lastly limitations of the methods and interpretations of the results are discussed.

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