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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract


Abstract Title: Methane emission from the coal mine industry - metrology and cost aspects of MRV
Presenter Name: Dr Jaroslaw Necki
Co-authors:Dr Anatoli Smirnov
Dr Sabina Assan
Company/Organisation: AGH - University
Country: Poland

Abstract Information :

Large amount of methane are released from the coal mining sector primarily during the excavation process. The presentation will underline the influence of measurement uncertainty on possibility of verification of reduction in methane emission by mining industry. It will give the answer why justification of its reduction is not possible at current state. The techniques applied in mines and possible application of new techniques available on the market will be presented on the background of specific measurement conditions in different types of coal mines. The proposed solution will be supported by uncertainty calculation of methane budgeting required for reporting and verification at different spatial scales. Finally, the cost analysis will also be included aiming at coal mine operators and verification institutions.

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