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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract


Abstract Title: Multiscale methane measurements of a contiguous, onshore natural gas production region in Wyoming, USA
Presenter Name: Mr Howard Dieter
Co-authors:Dr Mackenzie Smith
Company/Organisation: Jonah Energy LLC
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Effective methane reduction strategies rely on the ability to quantify actual emissions and attribute those emissions to their sources. Methane emission quantification and source attribution is challenging for oil and gas production assets because emissions exhibit significant temporal and spatial variability. The short duration of typical measurements, on the order of seconds to minutes, further complicates measurement interpretation. Additionally, technologies offer differing spatial perspectives. Jonah Energy, using multiple scales of emissions measurement technologies, including a fixed wing manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft and continuous monitoring, seeks to quantify and reconcile source and site level emissions, consistent with its commitments as the first U.S.-based Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 OGMP 2.0 member. These measurements build on work performed over the last few years identifying, quantifying and often eliminating individual sources across its Jonah Field asset using optical gas imaging, Hi Flow sampling and continuous monitoring. This study demonstrates how to synthesize a more complete picture of total emissions and perform source attribution through reconciliation of measurement-based source level inventories with site level measurements, consistent with the principles outlined in the OGMP 2.0 framework. This work explores reconciliation on both an emissions distribution basis as well as using models that account for intermittency in emissions.

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