PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Advancements in Biofuel Production to Limit Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Analytical challenges in addressing new generation FuelFeedstocks and renewables
Presenter Name: Dr Raj Shah
Co-authors:Ms Quiriat Cuadra Lopez
Mr Stanley Zhang
Company/Organisation: Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Following the discovery of climate change in the early 19th century, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration has been growing at a rapid pace. By May 2021, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was estimated to be approximately 419 parts per million, the highest that has ever been recorded. To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, processes have been developed to convert carbon dioxide into biofuels or electrofuels, with use of specific species of bacteria. Other methods convert carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons, such as synthetic methane, methanol, ethanol, or propanol fuels. Cleaner fuels must be tested with instrumentation that measures the percentage of biofuel content within fuel blends. With use of near-infrared technology, Koehler Instrument Company has developed a biodiesel analyzer that measures low less than 10 and high 10 to 30 biodiesel by volume. The Koehler Biodiesel Analyzer is portable, accurate, quick, and causes no degradation to samplesthus it is effective in testing gas, diesel, and biodiesel.