PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Dedicated Chromatography Data System CDS for GC and MicroGC providing functions for automation and process application
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Other
Presenter Name: Ms Pauline GUERIN
Co-authors:Mr Christopher SAUER
Mr Ronan COZIC
Mr Gianluca STANI
Company/Organisation: SRA Instruments
Country: France

Abstract Information :

Production plant often require tight control of purity and quality of intermediate and products. The laboratory GC and MicroGC technology have today enhanced capability of performance that can give added value to the on-line analysis, such often managed by external software supervisor. In his approach, the capability of a Chromatography Data System CDS is essential in order to be open and communicate with a Distributed Control System DCS or other solutions as PLC or HMI.rnThe new Chromatography Data System Soprane has enhanced function to allows directly automation of all the devices necessary around a GC like valves, pumps, relay, etc, or direct information about alarms, analog Input, Output, and fully bidirectional Modbus.rnSoprane allows a lab GC or MicroGC to be fully integrated in a pilot scale plant or production plant.rn