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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference 2022 - Posters

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Methane 2019 - Posters
ID Poster Title Presenter Name Company Country
IMM-1The Lacq controlled release experiment: detection and quantification of controlled gas leaks using CRDS (cavity ring down spectroscopy) measurement with a local-scale dispersion modelDr Susan GichukiLaboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement(LSCE)/Universite de Versailles St. Quentin en Yvelines(UVSQ)France
IMM-2Simultaneous identification and quantification of methane at stand-off distance based on hyperspectral MIR imagerMr Guillermo GuarnizoLIR - Carlos III University of MadridSpain
IMM-3Development of a UAV-deployable fugitive methane sensor using wavelength modulation tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopyDr Jalal Norooz OliaeeNational Research Council CanadaCanada
IMM-4Characterising methane emissions from North Sea gas production using chemical fingerprintingDr James FranceRoyal Holloway University & British Antarctic SurveyUnited Kingdom
IMM-5Isotopic signatures of urban methane emissions in London, UKMrs Julianne FernandezRoyal Holloway University of LondonUnited Kingdom
IMM-6Stable Isotopic Signature of Methane from Biogas Sources in the UK and NetherlandsMs Semra BakkalogluRoyal Holloway University of LondonUnited Kingdom
IMM-7Methane emissions from wastewater treatment facilities: measurements and carbon footprint evaluationDr Antonio DelreTechnical University of DenmarkDenmark
IMM-8NIMCAM: a new instrument concept for observing atmospheric methane from a CubeSat platformMr Jerome WoodwarkUniversity of EdinburghUnited Kingdom
IMM-9Mapping anthropogenic methane emissions in the Groningen areaMr Martijn OudshoornUniversity of GroningenNetherlands
IMM-10Assessing London CO2, CH4 and CO emissions using aircraft measurements and dispersion modellingDr Joseph PittUniversity of ManchesterUnited Kingdom
IMM-11Introducing the 'local-scale Gaussian plume inversion' flux quantification techniqueMr Adil ShahUniversity of ManchesterUnited Kingdom
IMM-12Neutral red mediated microbial production of methane and insight by micro-fluidicsMrs Priyanka SrivastavaUniversity of New South WalesAustralia
IMM-13Using continuous high-precision isotope measurements over several months to characterise sources of atmospheric methane at various European locationsMrs Malika MenoudUtrecht UniversityNetherlands

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