HTC-15 - Markes International

Company: Markes International
Stand No:  6
Address: Gwaun Elai Medi-Science Campus
CF72 8XL
Country:  United Kingdom
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Company Profile
Markes International Ltd is a manufacturer of analytical thermal desorption (TD) instrumentation, sampling equipment and accessories for the detection and analysis of trace-level VOCs and SVOCs using gas chromatography (GC). As a leading innovator in the field of thermal desorption, Markes has gained a well-deserved reputation as a global technology leader in TD.

Markes International is headquartered in Wales, UK, where its products are manufactured. The UK facility is also a centre of excellence for product development and application research, as well as supporting customers through its sales, marketing and service staff.

Markes also has three global subsidiaries:

  • Markes International GmbH - Frankfurt, Germany
  • Markes International, Inc. - Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Markes Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd - Shanghai, China

Each of these facilities has a demonstration laboratory, and focuses on providing technical support to customers on their products and applications, as well as to Markes' sales distribution network.

Markes' products are installed in laboratories around the world and are used for a wide variety of applications, including environmental monitoring, testing of consumer goods, military/civil defence and food/fragrance profiling, and across sectors including major industry, government agencies, academia and service laboratories.
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