HTC-15 - IMSPEX Diagnostics

Company: IMSPEX Diagnostics
Stand No:  20
Address: Ty Menter, Navigation Park
South Wales
CF45 4SN
Country:  United Kingdom
Represented Companies on this stand  IMSPEX -GAS
Company Profile
IMSPEX and its German subsidiary partner GAS specialise in the manufacture of Gas Chromatography, Ion mobility spectrometry(GC/IMS )detection systems for a wide variety of analytical applications that includes food beverage medical and environmental sample types. The instrument is compact and portable if required and will detect Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC's) rapidly down to low ppb or ppt levels with little or no sample preparation.The automated Flavourspec instrument will generate the headspace from the sample being analysed and then perform the analyis. The instrument uses standard GC columns which are easily changed. The GC/IMS systems also capable of generating their own carrier and drift gases eliminating the need for gas cylinders and generators which further reduces the cost of ownership GC/MS systems are simple to operate and can be adapted from R&D to process and plant online applications very easily.
Products on Display at HTC-15
IMSPEX will exhibiting their GC/IMS systems complete with Circular Gas Flow generating unit that generates automatically the required system carrier and drift gases. IMSPEX will also be showing the recently launched BeathSpec Instrument which is being used to measure Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) profiles in directly taken Breath samples as markers of disease states. The Breathspec instrument will be widely deployed on an EU funded Horizon 2020 Anti microbial resistant (AMR) study.