Company: ESSLAB
Stand No:  28
Address: 356-358, Prince Avenue
Country:  United Kingdom
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Company Profile
Essex Scientific Laboratory Supplies Limited (ESSLAB) are principle distributors and channel partners for a number of instrument and consumable manufacturers supporting Chromatography and Spectroscopy techniques.

Established in 1982, ESSLAB personnel have a wealth of experience in sample preparation and method development. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support through the analytical process with insight into innovative procedures that may improve the accuracy of data and efficiencies in technique and cost.

ESSLAB would be interested in discussing with delegates topics relative to issues that they may have experienced in assuring the scientific integrity and cost effectiveness of current methods which may include:
  • Reproducibility in liquid handing techniques
  • Semi-automating quantitative methods
  • Variables affecting analytical performance
  • Preparation of standards with limited quantities of novel compounds
  • Realising regulatory compliance
  • The demands of producing reliable data that is accurate
We support companies and institutions in the development of cost effective transferable analytical methods that deliver the results in the most efficient manner.
Products on Display at HTC-15

MicroLab Gravimetric Dosing System

At HTC-15 ESSLAB will demonstrating the MicroLab GDS Standards Preparation System launched earlier this year, which has already received much international acclaim from laboratories in the Pharmaceutical and Environmental market sectors.

The MicroLab GDS offers a workflow driven semi-automated system for the accurate preparation of standards which assures the analyst adheres to a prescribed method eliminating many systematic and indeterminate manual errors in technique, guaranteeing that the procedures described in the corresponding SOP are observed at all times.

With the increased development of hyphenated chromatographic and spectrochemistry techniques measurement sensitivity is now reaching a new level of resolution and precision. However comparative data from laboratories following the same validated procedure has shown wide variation in accuracy.

The use and preparation of reliable reference materials (RM's), which are traceable to international standards, form the most essential element in a laboratories ability to realise their analytical performance targets. With the growing requirement to measure ever lower levels of analyte, to the ppm and ppb levels, there is a demand for the analyst to demonstrate that there is consistency and a quantifiable link between the measured result and that of standard references.

The use and correct preparation of these materials are therefore essential for a laboratories ability to demonstrate accuracy as well as precision in their analytical data

The variables associated with current standard preparation methods make it virtually impossible to realise target concentrations and often question the integrity of analytical data.

The high cost and limited supply of novel compounds and standard control material; buying and maintaining glassware; the environmental impact and cost of disposal of solvents and the lack of traceability of standards, has also become a serious concern.

The principles through which the MicroLab-GDS system operates provide the most significant step in laboratories achieving their analytical goals whist reducing cost. It is a means by which accurate solutions may be prepared, Error free, first time, every time, without volumetric glassware, to an accuracy which would be difficult to match with current techniques, and with complete traceability.

"Your analytical data is only as good as standards you use"