AQE SHOW 2018 - Floorplan & Booking

AQE SHOW 2018 is a focused exhibition for companies who supply products and services for Monitoring, Testing, Analysis and Treatment of Air.

If you would like to exhibit in AQE SHOW 2018, please contact David Hellyer at You can choose your stand location by viewing the Floor Plan and filling in the stand preference form below.

Standard Rate - £3395+ VAT where applicable(Non STA Members)
Standard Rate - £3195+ VAT where applicable(STA Members)
Click here to contact AQESHOW Organisers
Stand packages consist of:
  • Full shell scheme 3*3m
  • Fitted carpet
  • Nameboard
  • Electric Point & Electricity
  • 1 x 30 minute workshop
  • Unlimited exhibitor and customer invite passes to the exhibition
  • Free lunches, refreshments, Wi-Fi and parking on both days
  • 50% discount voucher code for conference passes which you can share with customers
  • Entry into printed event catalogue
  • Press release support in International Environmental Technology show preview
  • Online company and product profile with Logo, Social media and weblinks
AQE SHOW 2018 Stand Preference Form
AQESHOW 2018 Floorplan
AQESHOW 2018 Floorplan
Turnkey Instruments Enviro Technology Services National Physical Laboratory Environmental Technology Publications Pollution S.r.l. Trolex DRM Technic, Buehler Technologies & Fuji Electric Ashtead Technology Protea InfraTec Environmental Protection UK Air Monitors Air Liquide UK a1-cbiss & PCME DustScan Ltd wecare4air Socotec UK Spantech Products Ltd Matts Monitors Ltd SICK (UK) Thermo Fisher Scientific Envirosoft Ltd Quantitech Ltd LC Services Ltd Alphasense Concept life sciences TÜV Rheinland Energie Und Umwelt Uniper Technologies Ricardo Combustion Engineering Association Dekati Ltd / Scielutions Ltd STA M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH Durag Group ABB Ltd Kisters AG Odournet UK View WWEM & AQE floorplans View WWEM & AQE floorplans View WWEM & AQE floorplans View WWEM & AQE floorplans Eco Scientific Exova Catalyst Spectronic CamSpec Envitech Europe Enotec UK HORIBA UK HORIBA UK Vaisala Eurotron Instruments (UK) ANV Measurement Systems mirsense Cambustion Ltd Earthsense Signal Group Markes International
AQESHOW 2018 Exhibitors
Exhibitor Stand No
2BTech51 & 52
a1-cbiss / PCME47 & 48
ABB Ltd42
Aerosol Devices65
Aethlabs51 & 52
Air Liquide UK77
Air Monitors51 & 52
ANV Measurement Systems61
AQMesh51 & 52
Ashtead Technology84
Buehler Technologies GmbH56
Cambustion Ltd83
Casella Monitor Labs37
Combustion Engineering Association50
Concept life sciences9
Dekati Ltd / Scielutions Ltd65
DRM Technic Ltd55 & 56
Durag Group17
DustScan Ltd75
Eco Scientific19
Ecotech51 & 52
Element Material Technology1
Enotec UK18
Entech Instruments25
Enviro Technology Services69 & 70
Environmental Protection UK76
Environmental Technology Publications64
Envirosoft Ltd41
Envitech Europe26
Eurotron Instruments (UK)58
Exova Catalyst & Element Materials Technology1
FAI Swam Dual Channel37
Fidas51 & 52
Fuji Electric55
Gasera51 & 52
Gasmet Technologies (UK) Ltd38 & 39
HORIBA UK10 & 11
InfraTec Infrared Ltd59
Jing Cast Systems65
Kin-Tek Analytical19
LC Services Ltd25
Lumex Analytics45
M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH73
Magee Scientific51 & 52
Markes International40
Matts Monitors Ltd21 & 22
Monicon38 & 39
Naneos51 & 52
National Physical Laboratory63
Odournet UK36
PCME47 & 48
Pollution Analytical Equipment62
SICK (UK)6 & 7
Signal Group60
SK Elektronics38 & 39
Socotec UK81
Source Testing Association27
Spantech Products Ltd78
Spectronic CamSpec45
Thermo Fisher Scientific54
TSI Instruments84
Turnkey Instruments66, 67 & 68
TUV Rheinland Energy GmbH79
We Care 4 Air37
Winkler38 & 39