The goal of AQE is to encourage informative and active discussions on the technical, regulatory and issues associated with Air Quality and Emission Monitoring, Methane Measurement and the use of Hydrogen. With this goal in mind, Oral and Poster presentations must be technically focused with commercial aspects kept to an absolute minimum.

Selected oral presentations will be allocated a 15- 20-minute presentation slot and selected poster presentations will be allocated a poster board in the poster area.

We are particularly interested in presentations that cover:
Industry case studies, performance and validation data and studies which include quality assurance and uncertainties, research activities, novel techniques, and discussions on results and data.

Air Emissions
  • Update on regulations and standards (Regulations on Monitoring, Standards)
  • Method performance ( Uncertainties, Best practice, Development of methods, Data handling, Calibration and calibration gases)
  • Future issues (New pollutants, Gas matrices, New sources, Analyser certification)
  • Novel technologies ( New technologies, New techniques and experiences with them)
  • Industry perspective
  • Health and safety
  • CCUS
Methane Measurement
  • Update on regulations and standards (Requirements/regulations for measurement)
  • Monitoring: (Leak detection approaches, Quantification, Site level measurement)
  • Monitoring technologies (New technologies, Satellite and airborne measurement, Mobile monitoring, Continuous monitoring)
  • Uncertainties and validation studies
  • Industry perspective

Air Quality
  • Health Effects (Epidemiology, Toxicology)
  • Standardisation (Certification, Legislation, Best practice, Quality assurance)
  • Monitoring Campaigns/ Sensor Networks
  • Research Projects (Innovation/ A I Enhancement of sensor technology)
  • Public Engagement/Behavioural change
  • Indoor Air quality
Hydrogen & CCUS
  • Requirements for measurement/regulations
  • Potential sources
  • Technologies
  • Monitoring (leak detection approaches, Quantification, Site level measurement, Issues with monitoring )
  • Validation studies
  • Industry perspective
  • CCUS

The only criteria we will apply is that the proposed presentation is technology based, is novel and is not an overt sales presentation

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