PEFTEC 2022 - Analytical & PAT Conference Programme

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Day 1 - 8th June 2022

* Please note all the presentation times are show in Central European Time(CEST)

Time (CEST) Presentation Speaker Bio Company Country
Session 1 Analytical - Chair:Dr Didier Thiebaut
09:30 Keynote Letcture-GC×GC-TOFMS to support the transition from fossil-based to bio-based energy sources Prof Jef Focant Jef Focant University of Liège Belgium
10:15 Screening of pyrolysis oils from plastic by GC×GC-PI-TOFMS and GC-VUV Dr Eliane Lazzari Eliane Lazzari TotalEnergies France
10:35 Analysis of Jet, Diesel, and Light Cycle Oil Using Flow Modulated GCxGC - Column Choice, Flow Parameters, and Temperature Programmings Effects on the Separation of Different Molecular Classes Dr Scott Hoy Scott Hoy Agilent Technologies United Kingdom
10:55 Finding needles in chemical haystacks: Chemometric workflows to streamline GCGC-TOF MS data analysis Mr Carlos Gil Carlos Gil SepSolve Analytical United Kingdom
Break (11:15 - 11:30)
Session 2 Analytical - Chair:Dr Vincent Souchon
11:30 Review of two-dimensional liquid chromatography for advanced structure analysis in petrochemical research Dr Matthias Pursch Matthias Pursch DOW Germany
11:50 Speciation and Semi-quantification of Nitrogen-Containing Species in Complex Mixtures: Application to Plastic Pyrolysis Oil Mrs Charlotte Mase Charlotte Mase TotalEnergies France
12:10 Comparison of GC×GC-VUVFIDMS for the analysis of alternative fuels Dr Max Jennerwein Max Jennerwein ASG Analytik-Service AG Germany
Lunch Break (12:30 - 13:15)
Session 3 PAT - Chair Dr. Edo Becker
13:15 Streamlining the Use of Chemometrics Dr Brian Rohrback Brian Rohrback Infometrix United States
13:45 Turnkey Global Analytical Solutions for Gas and Liquid Analysis : A New Challenge for Instrumentation in the Energy Market Mr Fabien Pedretti Fabien Pedretti CHROMATOTEC France
14:05 Agilent InfinityLab Online LC Solutions Mrs Danny van Oevelen Danny van Oevelen Agilent Technologies Netherlands
14:25 Process Optimization using Verified Hydrocarbon Analysis Mr Dan Wipinski Dan Wipinski VUV Analytics United States
Break (14:45-15:15)
Session 4 PAT - Chair Dr. Edo Becker
15:15 Multi-component tunable laser analyzers for real time process control in petrochemical industry Dr Pawel Kluczynski Pawel Kluczynski Airoptic Poland
15:35 Online Near Infrared analyser solutions for refinery measurements Mr Hans Buytaert Hans Buytaert Guided Wave, a Process Insights company Belgium
15:55 Fast and reliable on-line analysis of oils in water by carbon detection cost-effective monitoring of water quality in the petrochemical sector Mr Benjamin Mattejiet Benjamin Mattejiet Process Insights Germany
16:15 Q&A followed by end of day

Day 2 - 9th June 2022

* Please note all the presentation times are show in Central European Time(CEST)

Time (CEST) Presentation Speaker Bio Company Country
Session 5 Analytical - Dr. PH Stefanuto
09:30 Analysis of surfactants: A challenge for petroleum industry Dr Didier Thiebaut Didier Thiebaut ESPCI France
09:50 GC-ICP-MSMS for the analysis of volatile organochlorides Dr Vincent Souchon Vincent Souchon IFPEN France
10:10 ASAP-HRMS: A Rapid tool for Petrochemicals & Polymer Characterization Anupam Giri Anupam Giri SABIC Netherlands
10:30 Advanced thermal analysis mass spectrometry in the context of petrochemicals and recycling Dr Lukas Friederici Lukas Friederici University of Rostock Germany
10:50 SFC-ESI-MS for the nontarget analysis of oxygenates in catalytic fast pyrolysis oils Dr Josephine Lübeck Josephine Lübeck University of Copenhagen Denmark
11:10 HyperChrom GC: Extremely fast SimDist Dr Peter Faust Peter Faust HyperChrom Germany
Break (11:30 - 11:45)
Session 6 Analytical - Chair:Dr. Melissa Dunkle
11:45 Analysis of LPG and other liquefied gases Mr Tom Gallant Tom Gallant ECH Elektrochemie Halle United Kingdom
12:05 Real-time sub-ppb level fenceline monitoring of non-criteria pollutants using photoacoustic spectroscopy Dr Jaakko Lehtinen Jaakko Lehtinen Gasera Ltd Finland
12:25 Metals in Crude Oil and Residual Fuel by ASTM D8322 and Agilent 4210 MP-AES Mr Andrew Brotherhood Andrew Brotherhood Agilent Technologies United Kingdom
Lunch Break (12:45 - 13:15)
Session 7 Analytical - Chair:Dr. Beate Gruber
13:15 2D GCMS Analysis of Chemical Contaminates in Bunker Marine Fuel Oil Dr James McCurry James McCurry Agilent Technologies United States
13:35 Overcoming the challenges associated with the analysis of sulphur and other VOC impurities in Hydrogen fuel Mr Carlos Gil Carlos Gil Markes International United Kingdom
13:55 Sensitive measurements of sulfur components in natural gas and diesel fuel Dr Franz Kramp Franz Kramp Shimadzu Europa Germany
14:15 Why do you need to measure BTEX in ambient air? Carlo Bruno Carlo Bruno Pollution S.r.l. Italy
14:35 Low Sulfur Analysis in Gasoline/Diesel Method Comparison Mr Satbir Nayar Satbir Nayar XOS Netherlands
14:55 Analysis of Recycled Plastics using the VUV Analyzer for Alternative Feedstocks Mr Alex Hodgson Alex Hodgson VUV Analytics United States
Break (15:15 - 15:30)
Session 8 Panel discussion - Chair Dr. Melissa Dunkle
15:30 PEFTECThe Panel Discussion at this edition of PEFTEC is themed on Sustainability. Our guest speakers include Kristin Mohr from BASF, Jessica Jarman from SABIC, and Melissa Dunkle from Dow Benelux; they will present current sustainability initiatives, and we will discuss some of the issues they face. This Panel Discussion is aimed at both members of Industry as well as Academics, and our intention is to highlight the complexity and challenges faced on the long journey that is Sustainability. Dr Anupam Giri
SABIC Lead Scientist
Chairman for this Panel discussion.

Dr Melissa Dunkle
Research Scientist

Dr Jessica Jarman
Senior Manager, Analytical Science Europe
Corporate Technology & InnovationSABIC

Dr. Kristin Mohr
Head of Spectroscopy and Analytics Mumbai - Competence Center Analytics
16:30 Closing PEFTEC