PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Process Optimization using Verified Hydrocarbon Analysis
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Applications of PAT in process industries petrochemical, chemical, alternative feedstocks, bio processing, sustainable products
Presenter Name: Mr Dan Wispinski
Company/Organisation: VUV Analytics
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Characterization of hydrocarbon streams, including speciation and quantitation, has traditionally been accomplished using Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis, or DHA, by GC-FID. Requiring long run times, very good chromatographic separation, significant manual review of data, and specialized resources; traditional DHA has changed little since it was first introduced over 40 years ago. rn rnVerified Hydrocarbon Analysis is a modern approach to traditional DHA using Gas Chromatography GC- Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy VUV and spectral validation to characterize complex hydrocarbon streams accurately, without the need for human intervention, and in a fraction of the time of traditional DHA. rn rnThis presentation will describe VHA, technology, and methodology, and provide relevant examples including of how VHA can be implemented by refinery operations to optimize FCC and Alkylation unit processes.