PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: HyperChrom GC: Extremely fast SimDist
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Analytical
Presenter Name: Dr Peter Faust
Company/Organisation: HyperChrom
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

Simulated distillation is possible with cycle times of 60 seconds. A novel GC with integrated thermal gradient from HyperChrom SA enables such short measuring cycles. The presentation will show the measurements according to ASTM standards. The design of the HyperChrom GC differs from that of previous ultra-fast GCs. No complex and expensive separation column modules are used. The user can use any fused silica capillary column and replace it himself. The column length is only 2 or 4 m, depending on the equipment of the GC. Nevertheless, very high resolutions can be achieved even with separation columns of 0.25mm i.d.. Therefore, the problem of reduced sample capacity also does not occur. The spacial thermal gradient results in a focussing of the signals and a very distinct reduction of the elution temperatures. Therefore, simulated distillations up to C60 and higher are possible in very short cycle times. HyperChrom's GCs are already in continuous use in high-throughput laboratories. The construction is designed for robust laboratory use with autosamplers. Mass spectrometers and FIDs can be used as detectors. Special versions for online connection to processes and at-line analysis at plants are under development.