PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: Review of two-dimensional liquid chromatography for advanced structure analysis in petrochemical research
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Analytical challenges in addressing new generation FuelFeedstocks and renewables
Presenter Name: Dr Matthias Pursch
Company/Organisation: DOW
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

This presentation provides a review of the use of two-dimensional liquid chromatography (2D-LC) techniques applied to petroleum and petrochemical research. In recent years much progress has been made on 2D-LC instrumentation and software, including enhancing compatibility between the two separation dimensions. As such, several 2D separation modes, such as (multiple) heart-cutting, high-resolution sampling and comprehensive 2D-LC are available to meet the needs of researchers.

In this talk, examples will be reviewed which show the power of 2D-LC chromatography for petroleum and petrochemical application areas. These include the characterization of bio-oils, analysis of asphalt fractions, determination of metal species in petroleum residues, as well as advanced polymer and co-polymer chemical composition analysis. Additional focus will be put on modulation techniques, and how they help enhance compatibility between the two different separation dimensions.