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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme 2019

IMMC 2019 provides a unique environment for delegates, allowing them the opportunity to compare capabilities, discuss challenges and review emerging technologies for monitoring methane. At IMMC 2019, leading experts will discuss latest field studies and policy developments alongside showcasing cutting edge methods and novel technologies for monitoring fugitive methane emissions including leak detection, identification and quantification as well as long term monitoring.

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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme - Day1
Time Title Speaker Company Country
09:20 Opening keynote: Methane Policy for Europe?
Brendan Devlin
European Commission  
09:40Session 1: Current understanding, regulation & policy (Chair: Rod Robinson)
1 Methane Reporting Requirements for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta
Ian Kuwahara
Alberta Energy Regulator Canada
2 Methane emissions from contrasting production regions within Alberta, Canada: Implications under incoming federal methane regulations
David Risk
St. Francis Xavier University Canada
3 Climate implications of switching from coal to gas
Michelle Cain
University of Oxford United Kingdom
4 Building mobile measurement and modelling capacity to detect and quantify methane leakages from gas production and distribution in Europe: the MEMO2 project
Thomas Roeckmann
Utrecht University Netherlands
10:50Coffee break
11:20 Keynote: Methane emissions from the Oil and Gas Sector: an opportunity to reduce global warming in the short-term
Giulia Ferrini
UN Environment France
11:40Session 1 continued: Current understanding, regulation & policy (Chair: Rod Robinson)
5 Accurate methane emission quantification, a bottom up approach
Cindy Verhoeven
The Sniffers Belgium
6 Airborne monitoring of offshore emissions from oil and gas platforms
Ralph Burton
National Centre for Atmospheric Science, UK United Kingdom
7 Improved understanding of global oil & gas related methane emissions through international measurements
Stefan Schwietzke
Environmental Defense Fund Germany
13:35 Keynote: OGCI: an industry perspective on methane measurement issues
Stephan Plisson-Saune
TOTAL Group France
13:55Session 2: Current capabilities and case studies (Chair: Thomas Roeckmann)
8 Assessment of the Hi-Flow Sampler Characteristics and Potential Failure Modes when Measuring Methane Emissions
Jessica Connolly
The National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
9 Approaches to baseline and operational fixed-site methane monitoring
Jacob Shaw
University of Manchester United Kingdom
10 Methane mapping and emission quantification and attribution in two European cities; Utrecht, NL and Hamburg, DE
Hossein Maazallahi
Utrecht University / TNO Netherlands
11 Aerial survey of methane emission fluxes from natural gas infrastructure in the North Sea
Prudence Bateson
University of Manchester United Kingdom
15:05Coffee break
15:35Session 2 continued: Current capabilities and case studies (Chair: Thomas Roeckmann)
12 Identifying and characterizing methane emission plumes in regions of planned unconventional hydrocarbon extraction: Case studies from the UK
David Lowry
Royal Holloway, University of London United Kingdom
13 Determination and Reduction of Methane Emissions of the Gas Distribution Grid in Germany
Charlotte Grosse
DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH Germany
14 Methane emission reduction strategies and determination of emission factors at biogas plants
Tina Clauss
DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnutzige GmbH Germany
15 Total methane loss from biogas plants determined using a tracer gas dispersion method
Charlotte Scheutz
Technical University of Denmark Denmark
16:45Close & Drinks reception/posters
Industrial Methane Measurement Conference Programme - Day2
Time Title Speaker Company Country
09:30 Keynote: MethaneSAT: mapping global oil and gas methane emissions to accelerate mitigation Daniel Zavala-Araiza Environmental Defense Fund United States
09:50Session 3: Demonstration & Validation of new technologies (Chair: Dave Lowry)
16 The validation of methane detection and measurement technologies by controlled gas release
Jonathan Helmore
National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
17 Advancing Controlled Release Studies with Industrial Test Facilities
Clay Bell
Colorado State University United States
18 Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Visualization and flow rates Quantification of Methane releases
Stephane Boubanga
19 Development of a Novel Trace Methane/Carbon Dioxide Analyzer and Results of Field Validation Studies for the Determination of Methane Flux
Graham Leggett
LI-COR Biosciences United Kingdom
11:00Coffee break
11:30Session 3 continued: Demonstration & Validation of new technologies (Chair: Dave Lowry)
20 Laser Analyzers for Quantitiative Measurement of Methane Emissions
Hamish Adam
Boreal Laser Inc. Canada
21 Gas leak detection and methane source attribution with a portable Battery-powered Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer
Renato Winkler
Picarro Netherlands
22 Advanced remote sensing solutions accommodating methane emission measurement's needs and challenges
Gilad Shpitzer
Atmosfir Optics Israel
13:30Session 4: Emerging technologies for methane monitoring (Chair: Daniel Zavala-Araiza)
23 Airborne Methane Plume Analysis using TIR Hyperspectral Imaging: Past, Present and Future.
Jean-Philippe Gagnon
Telops Canada
24 Drone-based Methane Detection using a Quantum Optical Sensor
Murray Reed
QLM Technology United Kingdom
25 A high-precision laser spectrometer for methane monitoring aboard UAVs
Bela Tuzson
EMPA Switzerland
26 Methane Emission Localisation and Quantification at Facility Scale Using Multi-beam Open Path Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy
Doug Millington-Smith
MIRICO United Kingdom
14:40Coffee break
15:00Session 4 continued: Emerging technologies for methane monitoring (Chair: Daniel Zavala-Araiza)
27 Quantifying methane emissions from individual coal mine vents with GHGSat-D satellite observations
Daniel Varon
Harvard University United States
28 Methane leakages from localised sources detected from space using TROPOMI
Ilse Aben
SRON Netherlands Insitute for Space Research Netherlands
29 Airborne ultra-light spectrometer for greenhouse gases emission quantification
Antoine Dejob
CNRS / GSMA France
30 Advancements in quantitative optical gas imaging
Steve Beynon
FLIR United Kingdom
31 Affordable long-term real-time fugitive methane detection and quantification using Gas cloud imaging (GCI) cameras
Patrick O'Driscoll
Rebellion Photonics United States
16:20Wrap up and close by Rod Robinson

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