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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Visualization and flow rates Quantification of Methane releases
Presenter Name: Dr stephane Boubanga Tombet
Co-authors:Ms Alexandrine Huot
Mr Frederic Marcotte
Mr Philippe Lagueux
Dr Martin Chamberland
Company/Organisation: TELOPS
Country: France

Abstract Information :

Gas leaks present obvious health, safety and environmental risks. In oil and gas companies for instance, constant monitoring is crucial to preserve on-site personnel security and to prevent damage to the installations. The need for a reliable and cost-efficient gas detection system is of prime importance especially when security threatening situations like gas leaks and emissions occur. Precise localization of the leaks, identification of the chemical nature of the gases involved and quantification of the gas flux emanating from the leaks may help the incident response team to take actions based on relevant information. In this regard, infrared remote sensing technology offers many benefits over traditional gas detection systems as it allows monitoring and imaging of the incident scene from a safe location. The sensor can be located at distances ranging from tens of meters to several kilometers from the scene, avoiding the need to access restricted and potentially dangerous zones in the installations. The passive infrared hyperspectral imaging technologies are therefore among the solutions that could possibly be used to efficiently and safely address the gas leaks. Telops have developed hyperspectral imaging solutions for gas detection and identification along with some tools for the quantification of gas flow rates emanating for leak source. These solutions were recently used during a methane-controlled release test campaign carried out at National Physical Laboratory in UK. The results presented in this communication show the potential of Telops gas detection and quantification solutions for real time visualization of methane and its dynamic dispersion within production plants.

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