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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: Accurate methane emission quantification, a bottom up approach
Presenter Name: Ms Cindy Verhoeven
Company/Organisation: The Sniffers
Country: Belgium

Abstract Information :

The OGCI (Oil and Gas Climate Initiative) targets to reduce Methane Intensity under 0.25% with an aim to reach 0.20%. With Methane having a *86-times higher GWP in a 20-year perspective compared to CO2 (*2013 IPCC AR5 p714) it is understandable that accurate methane emission calculation throughout the gas supply chain is important. In current state, most methane emission values that are reported are based on estimation models instead of actual measurements, which is a concern in the gas industry. The first step to develop effective and measurable reduction programs, is to establish an accurate and credible baseline value. A bottom up inventory based approach does not only provide the advantage of the highest accuracy in establishment of emission values, but it also provides asset owners with direct and actionable data to target emission sources. In a presentation we will demonstrate the best practices of accurate source based quantification techniques. In addition we will present a methodology to aggregate all methane emission data into a reliable data model, that does not only present a credible emission value, but also supports efficient reduction.

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