Registration open to attend the exciting mercury workshops of the Virtual ICMGP 2022!

Register at PEFTEC 2022

In a virtual world, opportunities for learning abound. The ICMGP is no exception, and our pre-conference WORKSHOP sessions will be held in 2022! Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss issues with the experts, delve deep into a controversial issue, hear about emerging technology or undertake an opportunity to learn mercury-relevant software applications.

During the week prior to the ICMGP 2022, we will offer workshops to conferees for only an additional US$25. Your participation will be recognized with a certificate for attending the workshop(s) of your choice (available to registered delegates only).

When registering, please indicate your desire to attend workshops. From there, check the timing for the workshops and identify which of the offerings will fit your schedule. Please DO NOT oversubscribe to workshops. Even though we do not face physical space limitations, we do have limits to the number of individuals who can attend due to bandwidth limitations or the number of attendees instructors can comfortably accommodate without being overwhelmed when questions arise.

The best part about virtual workshops will be the ability to interact with your workshop presenters – the presence of chat boxes and the ability to post during the presentations will make the interactive portion of these workshops much more robust.

Workshop Organizers, Joy Leaner and Eric Uram, spent many hours with the workshop leads, the PCO and UNEP in putting together this slate of workshops. We explored expanding opportunities given the flexibility a virtual conference can provide. As a result, these workshops are now taking place over three (3) days, not just one day! We are excited, and hope you are too, as this allows for greater opportunities for everyone to attend the workshops(s) of their choice.

Enjoy, learn and inform as the ICMGP organizers once again provide interactive workshop opportunities.

Title Lead Presenter Date and Time
Coding Chirality: An Introduction to Using R and Python Together Geoffrey Millard 19 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT
Modelling Hg Emissions and Abatement Scenarios with The Multi-Pollutant Gains Model Peter Rafaj 19 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT
Towards Mercury Reductions in ASGM Alex Pfaff 19 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT
Estimating Mercury Emissions from Coal Units to Inform Cost-Effective Control Strategies Lesley Sloss 20 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT
How to Develop A Public Health Strategy for Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining: WHO Guidance Astrid Knoblauch 20 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT
Launch of the iGOS4M Hg Stable Isotope Database Sae Yun Kwon 20 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT
Introduction to New Methods for Measuring Reactive, Particulate, and Gaseous Oxidized Mercury Chemistry and Concentrations Mae Gustin 21 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT
Local Treatment of Mercury Wastes and Mercury Contaminated Soils Reinhard Schmidt 21 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT
Why the measures to reduce/eliminate Hg in artisanal gold mining are not working Marcello Veiga 21 July 2022, 14h00 CEDT