Mercury 2022 - Guidelines for Poster and Platform Presentations

How the platform works

I have created a short YouTube video demonstrating the online platform here

How to record your presentation

If you are the lead presenter, Here’s a short video that covers several different ways you can capture your final presentation. For both the conference presentations and the On demand presentations. Please supply a final .mp4 file. Please also remember to include a very short introduction at the start of your presentation.
Your presentation should be 15 minutes in length in total, and this should include a very short introduction at the beginning of the video.

Where to upload your final video file

The naming convention/procedure of the file should be - .mp4.
Please upload your final video file (and optional supporting .pdf if you have a handout or copy of the presentation you’d like to share) to the following folder.
The deadline for uploading your presentation is the 24th of June.