ICMGP 2022 - Student Mentoring Activity

In a virtual world, opportunities for learning and interacting with others abound. The ICMGP is no exception, and, as with past conferences, we will host a Student Mentorship Activity in 2022! Take advantage of the opportunity to interact and learn from mid-career and senior participants about their career choice, work life balance or other issues. During the Social Mixer portions of the conference, which are scheduled for 1030-1130 UTC Monday and Wednesday, and 1700-1800 UTC on Tuesday and Thursday there will be an opportunity for students to talk to both mid-career and more senior participants. We will organize remote small group sessions with mentors that come from academia, consulting, government and non-government organizations, industry so that you can talk to the mentor that best suits your projected career path. The mentors will host the meetings using their preferred platforms (Zoom, Webex, Teams etc) and will send you an invite prior to the event. The mentor will provide some background on their career paths and some insights into their career, and the pros and cons of their job, and then answer questions from the students on all aspects of career and success.
Please let us know if you are interested in participating in the mentoring activity. Please respond by June 6, 2022 so we can properly organize these sessions. Please send an email to Anne Soerensen (anne.soerensen@nrm.se), and indicate in the response:
i) Your preferred time of day – 1030-1130 UTC or 1700-1800 UTC;
ii) Your preferred career path: Academia/Research, Consulting, Government, Non-Governmental Organization, Industry or Consulting; and 
iii) Any other pertinent information
You will be assigned a timeslot based on your response. Please pass on this information to other students attending the conference as we may not have reached everyone. Thank you, and look forward to interacting with you at the conference.