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ICMGP Workshops
ICMGP Workshops

Presenter Name: Prof Sae Yun Kwon
Co-Presenters/Co-authors: Ryan Lepak
Jeroen Sonke
Martin Jiskra
Wang Zhen
Runsheng Yin
Jason Demers
Company/Organisation: Pohang University of Science and Technology
Country: South Korea

Abstract Information :

In this workshop, we are launching iGOS4M, a large database consisting of Hg stable isotope measurements in the environment. iGOS4M is now a part of the GOS4M (Global Observation System for Mercury), which is aimed to support all parties, the secretariats of the Minamata Convention on Mercury (MC), and the UN Environment to perform the Effectiveness Evaluation and Global Monitoring under the MC. With Hg scientists from six? Different nations, the iGOS4M is an internationally led effort with multiple objectives:

a) Organize peer-reviewed stable mercury isotope data into an online open access database.
b) Share mercury isotope concepts, measurement protocols, and tutorials.
c) Utilize the database to evaluate the effectiveness of the MC by assessing the spatiotemporal variability in Hg sources and processes.
d) Promote mercury isotopes as tools to further GOS4M monitoring efforts.
e) Enable the design and production of mercury isotope applications in support of policy implementation and evaluation.
We will present an overview of its genesis, use, and utility. A short introduction to Hg isotope analysis, concepts and applications will also be given.

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