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Abstract Title: Spatial-temporal characteristics of mercury and methylmercury in marine sediment under the combined influences of river input and coastal currents
Presenter Name: Chenghao Yu
Company/Institution: Zhejiang University of Technology
Session: Mercury in Marine Ecosystems
Co-Authors: Chenghao Yu

Abstract Information :

Mercury, especially in the form of methylmercury (MeHg), is a global pollutant, and aquatic products are considered the main sources of Hg exposure to humans. The Bohai and Yellow seas are two important epicontinental seas for marine fisheries and aquaculture in China. A decreasing trend of the THg in the Yellow River Estuary toward the outer edge was reported according to 83 surface sediments (27.3ñ15.0 ng g??) and 3 sediment cores from the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea. The relatively higher THg levels in the central Yellow Sea can be primarily attributed to higher organic carbon levels and finer-grained sediment sizes and partly to the particulates from the riverine input of the Yellow River driven by the currents. An increasing trend in THg levels since industrialization in north China around the Bohai and Yellow seas, and a decreasing trend of Yellow River THg input in recent years were recorded by sediment cores. The spatial distribution pattern of surface sediments MeHg (161ñ130 pg g??) was different from that of THg. A higher MeHg content and MeHg/THg ratio were found in the Bohai and Yellow seas compared to the East China Sea, and extremely high MeHg levels (714 pg g??) were found in the Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass (YSCWM) area, which is considered an important region for fishery and marine breeding, suggesting that more attention should be paid to the potential ecological and human health risks in the region due to mercury exposure.

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