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Abstract Title: Elemental Mercury Formation from Contaminated Riparian Soils under Controlled Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions
Presenter Name: Shuting ZHAO
Company/Institution: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Session: Mercury Emissions: Monitoring and Analysis
Co-Authors: Shuting ZHAO

Abstract Information :

Elemental mercury is the main form of the mercury transport from soils to the atmosphere. Little is known about the dynamics of mercury emission from contaminated riparian soil. The change of soil redox conditions may lead to the change of possible electron donors (redox-active dissolved organic matter or Fe (II) iron) in mercury reduction. The objectives of this study were: (1) to compare elemental mercury formation with the change of redox condition in contaminated riparian soils; (2) to analysis the factors of Hg formation from riparian soils. The soil suspension incubation was conducted to clarify how aerobic and anoxic condition affect elemental mercury emission for 5 contaminated soils. The suspension system consisted of soil slurry unit, removal unit and elemental mercury absorption unit. Cumulative elemental mercury emission in four soils under air bubbling were higher than N2 gas bubbling. For one soil sample, the cumulative emissions under N2 gas bubbling after 50 h were well in excess of those under air bubbling. The physicochemical properties of soil solution were analyzed at the end of experiment. Elemental mercury formation has a positive relationship with soil total Hg concentration both in a aerobic and anaerobic Conditions. In addition, no relationships were directly observed between Hg formation and soil solutes. For soil solution, DOC concentration and Fe2+ concentration was related both in two treatments.

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